‘Boring Fish’ and the First Day of the Blog

Ok, so it’s twenty-past six, and in just over an hour I need to leave my flat for Date Number 1! (or 1.2, after the disappointment of ‘The Flake‘!!)  Just enough time for pre-date dinner, a lot of ‘thank you’s, and a brief lowdown of ‘Boring Fish’, as I have nicknamed tonight’s date!

So, for those of you not yet following @30dates on Twitter, it was decided this afternoon that I will give each of my 30 dates a draft nickname in the lead-up to the date.  The nickname could end up sticking, but is open to change if something amusing or dramatic happens on the date itself!

With that in mind, let me give you a brief lowdown of ‘Boring Fish’.

Unlike the majority of the dates I’ve lined up, ‘Boring Fish’ is not a friend of a friend.  His name derives from the (not-so glamorous!) dating site upon which I met Henley Boy.  Boring Fish first messaged me around the same time as HB, and the contrast between their messages was dramatic.  Whilst his photos were relatively attractive, his profile wasn’t overly exciting, and after a few messages on the site, I’d lost interest and began exclusively messaging Henley Boy.

The rest (if you’ve read ‘The Henley Boy’) is history …

So, in the spirit of the challenge, I figured it was worth contacting Boring Fish – someone I wouldn’t normally have given half a chance to – to see if he fancied meeting up.  I brushed over the fact I’d not communicated with him for some time, by explaining that I wasn’t great on Plenty of Fish (which is only a sort-of white lie) and offering to give him my phone number.

And so I find myself getting ready for Date Number 1.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m nowhere near as excited as I was a few weeks ago, when I was preparing for the date with HB.  I’ve chosen a low-key outfit, am actually missing one ‘shellac’ed finger nail (ladies, doesn’t that say it all??!) and am not fussed about the fact I currently have a stomach-bloating mashed potato dinner cooking!

Buuut … in the spirit of the Challenge, I do promise to try!  I WILL wash and straighten my hair! I WILL make an effort on my make-up!  And I WILL be as polite and charming as possible …. (For your sake, if not for Boring Fish’s sake!!)

And, as an extra treat …. for those of you already following me on Twitter @30dates, if I nip to the loo during the date, I promise to keep you all updated!

And on that note, I’d like to thank you all for your support so far!  The blog went live less than 24 hours, and the (international!) support has been phenomenal.  Friends have been liking and sharing the blog with their friends on Facebook, I’ve had private messages of support from girls I haven’t seen for years, in far-flung countries, and today I’ve had another three messages from potential dates, all thanks to you guys!

At the time of writing, the blog has received 1309 views, in 20 hours, with over 1000 of those views today.

So thank you all for your support, and please keep following the blog, and spreading the word!  The wider the social net that gets cast, the more interesting this challenge will become!

See you in a few hours!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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