An Appeal for a Blog Reader … or a friend of a Blog Reader!

I’m nine dates, and almost four weeks, into my 30 Dates by 30 challenge.  In that time the challenge has quite literally snowballed. This evening I booked my flights to New York and Los Angeles for the finale of the challenge, and later this month I’ll be heading to Madrid for a weekend of dates!

However I’m still in need of between 5-10 more dates, depending on how reliable some of my referrals turn out to be.  I have a couple of exciting date sources lined up, which I’ll reveal shortly, however I thought it would be quite cool to go on a date with either a Blog Reader, or a friend of a Blog Reader.

If you’ve been reading the 30 Dates blog, and either thinking ‘I could do that, I’ve got a great idea for a date’ or have a friend who you know would enjoy taking part, then please get in contact!  I try to be as fair and positive as possible with the date write-ups, and remember, I’m marking the date, not the guy!  The Fake Pimpernel shared his write-up with all his friends and family within minutes of reading it (something you may have noticed from the comments on that blog post from his Mum and sister!).  Obviously having an attitude like The Challenger and F-Pimp’s –  to make the date the best I’ll go on –  would be appreciated! 🙂

So, if you’re keen, please get in touch, and let me know your date suggestion.  You can either message me over Twitter @30dates, or email thirty

If we have no mutual friends, I’ll have to do a couple of safety checks, but promise to keep the date ‘blind’ in the spirit of the challenge!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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