Ten Dates into Thirty Dates and some Uncut Details

So, I’m a month in, with two months left until my 30th birthday, and so far, so good – am on target, with a third of the dates completed.

Have made a bit of a Leader Board up below, (with links you can click on) just in case you’ve missed any of the write-ups so far.  (Remember I’m grading the overall date, and not how much I fancy the guy taking me on the date!)

1 – The Fake Pimpernel

Limbo circus and Evans & Peel Detective Agency, 28, nominated by a friend of the Ski Bunny – 9/10

2 – The Challenger

Dinner at Malmaison, Reading, 33, nominated by the Rock Chick – 8.5/10

3=  The One with the Sign

Day on London’s South Bank, 28, nominated by the Alleycat – 8/10

3= The One with the GSOH

Live Comedy with Adam Buxton, 29, nominated by a friend of the Ski Bunny – 8/10

5 – The Model Brother

Drink, trip up The Shard in London and Dinner, 27, nominated by his sister, The Model, 7.75/10

6 – The Attic Mouse

Driving Range, Dinner, 32, nominated by the Hip Chick, 7.5/10

7 – The School Crush

Cinema and a Drink, 31, nominated by Ms Tweedy – 7/10

8 – The Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque evening in Reading, 38, nominated by Canary Yellow – 6/10

9=  Mr Twenty40

Cricket Match at the Oval, 31, nominated by Holy –   5/10

9= The Normal Fish

Drink in a nearby village, 28, found on dating site Plenty of Fish – 5/10

While I’m talking more generally about the challenge so far, I thought I’d share a couple of anonymous gems from my ten dates so far, as knowing how closely some of the Dates themselves have been reading the blog, I thought it unfair to pinpoint any of the following bits in the specific date write-ups …

So far on my Ten Dates …

  • One guy smelled appalling … I literally held my breath every time he came close.
  • Every time I looked at one of my dates, I couldn’t help thinking just how much he looked like a little mole!
  • One man had a really strange tick with his tongue, and kept randomly licking parts of his face throughout the date.
  • I have heavy suspicions that at least one of the guys is gay!
  • One guy suggested he’d just peed on the floor.
  • One man was talking about not being able to use his bathroom, and joked that he had been sh*tting in a bucket in his bedroom for the past three weeks!

Oh yeah, and someone asked me if I own a ‘Merkin’ … but I think you all know who that one was!!

I wonder what the next twenty guys will be like?!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

4 Comments on Ten Dates into Thirty Dates and some Uncut Details

  1. The Attic Mouse // August 3, 2013 at 11:36 pm // Reply

    Haha… I’d completely forgotten about the bucket in my room joke I made… Sounds less funny written down!
    Well remembered though! 😉

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