The 30 Dates Challenge in Photos – Part One

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So with just four days left until my 30th Birthday … and one date of the Challenge remaining, I thought it might be the perfect time to reflect on the past 12 weeks.  And how better to do so, than with the help of my iPhone and Instagram … because without the two, this summer would have been nowhere near as colourful!  (And without Google Maps, Trainline, and Tube Planner on the former, I probably wouldn’t have even made it to most of the dates!!)

I’ve put together a history of the Challenge in photos.  Some you may have seen before, some are brand new!  (and no, before you are ask, there are none of Henley Boy! However when I get to Part Two, I may sneak in one of The Enigma, and you also might be able to work out which filmstar the Fresh Prince looks like!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

How it all began …. 

Date 0.1

Henley …. that’s about as close as you’re getting to a picture of Henley Boy!

1. Henley

A random snap of me from a friend’s wedding taken while I was ‘seeing’ HB – which is now everywhere!

1.3 Photo from Wedding

The first day of the blog ….

Date 0

Date One – The ‘Normal’ Fish 

The Only Date of the Challenge just at a pub


Tweeting getting ready …

Date 1.1

Date 1

Date TwoThe Challenge properly began ….

Date 2.2Date 2.1Date 2.3

Date Three – The now infamous Burlesque Dancer

Date 3.1Date 3.2

(Yep that is Buzz Lightyear stripping!!!)

On Date Four I was taken to the top of the Shard



Date Five – with my first Celebrity of the Challenge, and the first appearance of the ‘iconic’ polka dot dress collection!

Date 4.1

Date Six and Date Seven were both in my hometown, Reading

Date 6

My sneaky clue from the Fake Pimpernel on my way to Date Eight


And what the ticket was actually for ….


And Celebrity Spot Number Two at the Circus … not that F-Pimp believed me at first!

Date 8.3

Time for a trip to a ‘Detective Agency’


Date 8.6

Date Nine – Golfing with The Attic Mouse

Date 9

And finally, to round off the first third of my Challege …. this gorgeous picture of the Oval Pavillion …. by far the best part of my disastrous Date 10 with Mr Twenty40!


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