The Full List

Here’s the full list of the thirty men who have helped make the past three months one of the most memorable and fun summers of my life! (and the one guy who started it all off ….)

The Trigger – The Henley Boy

Date One – The Normal Fish

Date Two – The One with The Sign

Date Three – The Burlesque Dancer

Date Four – The Model Brother

Date Five – The One with the GSOH

Date Six – The School Crush

Date Seven – The Challenger

Date Eight – The Fake Pimpernel

Date Nine – The Attic Mouse

Date Ten – Mr Twenty40

Date Eleven – Stitch

Date Twelve – The Enigma

Date Thirteen  – The Original Pimpernel

Date Fourteen – The Upgrade

Date Fifteen – The Booby Prize

Date Sixteen – The Argentine Matador

Date Seventeen – The Pupil

Date Eighteen – The Fresh Prince

Date Nineteen – The Best Man

Date Twenty – The Surprise Package

Date Twenty-One – The Stallion

Date Twenty-Two – The Queen’s Guard

Date Twenty-Three – The Oxford Blue

Date Twenty-Four – The Exhibitionist

Date Twenty-Five – The Big Kid

Date Twenty-Six – The Jet-Setter

Date Twenty-Seven – The Superhero Alter-Ego

Date Twenty-Eight – The Voice

Date Twenty-Nine – The New Yorker

Date Thirty – The Hollywood Actor

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