Experimental Dater Four – Mister Mischief

Rather than applying to be an Experimental Dater, Mister Mischief actually first emailed to ask me out … so no one could ever accuse him of not being forward!  However, having checked out his Dating Blog (and reading some of his very honest answers below!), I thought he would be the perfect candidate to take part in some of the Dating Experiments!

airsoft 1

Blog Name – Mister Mischief

Age – 28

Location – London

Relationship Status – Single

Sexuality – Straight male

Religion – Christian

Height – 6’4”

Body Type – About average (have a little buddah that I need to get rid off)

Job – Database Programmer / Insurance

Education – Bachelors Degree

Hobbies – Sudoku Puzzles (Metro and Evening Standard every weekday), Airsoft, Skateboarding, Programming, Forex Spread betting and Stock Trading

Ideal Partner – average height or close to 6ft, nice rack, nice bum, talkative, armchair philosopher, Christian, GSOH.

Longest Relationship – 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days (47 days)

Why do you think you’re single? – I’m really picky but I don’t look like Brad Pitt or Will Smith so I probably shouldn’t be.

Good Relationship Traits – Honest / forthright to a fault – borderline insensitive clod at times. Kind and caring. Well endowed 😉

Bad Relationship Traits – Honest / forthright to a fault – borderline insensitive clod at times. Inattentive – I won’t call you three times a day

What Dating Experiment Will You Be Taking Part In? – Words.

How would you describe the way you date? – Enthusiastic!

What do you find most attractive in a date?- Intelligence, sense of humour, previously mentioned physical attributes, a bubbly personality.

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Unwillingness to approach and discuss armchair philosophy topics like the meaning of dreams or whether Darwin’s Theory of Evolution should be called a theory of variation through natural selection etc.

Best Ever Date – A day in Cambridge with an older lady, went to the gardens, went ice skating – she had never done it before so I had to give an impromptu lesson, then had dinner in a vegetarian restaurant and walked through a market to end the date. I bought her chocolates and she gave me home made fudge – we didn’t kiss but I wish I had.

Worst Ever Date – Have never had one.

Celebrity Crushes – David Beckham (bear hug), Amanda Tapping (snog), Lady Gaga & Grace Jones (shag), Thandie Newton (marry)

You can read Mister Mischief’s rather cheeky Dating Blog here … I know we can expect some entertainment from his submissions and any experiments he takes part in!

If you’d like to volunteer to be an Experimental Dater, please either message me on Twitter @30Dates or send an email to thirty dates@hotmail.com.

You don’t have to be single to apply – would be great to have some voices of experience when it comes to topics like finding your ‘One’ and marriage.  Or maybe you’ve been there, done that, and come out the other side?

I’m also keen to have gay and lesbian Experimental Daters, some older and younger contributors, and perhaps some daters who see themselves as currently ‘Undateable’.

Please keep the applications coming in, and I’ll hopefully announce another two new contributors tomorrow!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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