Experimental Dater Three – The Champagne Hero

Vigilant blog readers may remember I turned up rather worse for wear to my brunch date with The Stallion … and here is the reason for my hangover!

The Champagne Hero is a very good friend of mine.  He’s a hero for a number of reasons, including the fact he currently serves in the British Army.  And he’s The Champagne Hero, because last time he was back on leave, he pumped us all full of the stuff – at last count I think we’d drunk seven bottles of the stuff before even leaving the house!

He’s currently stationed abroad, and so will be helping add a male perspective on long-distance relationships, and an insight into dating as an Army Officer.


Blog Name – The Champagne Hero

Twitter Account – @champagnehero

Age – 29

Location – Germany

Relationship Status – Single, for under a year

Sexuality – Straight male

Religion – Don’t get me started

Height – 5’10″ on a tall day

Body Type – Stocky/muscular

Job – Army Officer

Education – Bachelor’s degree

Hobbies – Wakeboarding, skiing, mountain biking, handstands, press ups and general monkeying around in a gym, reading, travelling, gin, weightlifting, the pursuit of happiness… And… Champagne based lash

Ideal Partner – Someone easygoing yet adventurous, who wants to explore the world and all it has to offer. Someone with life experience already and shared interests are important too, as is a sense of humour and the ability to give banter back. Ideally into skiing/snowboarding or wakeboarding, or at least willing to give it a go. I like someone who is emotionally secure and also who is financially competent; had too many cases of girlfriends spending my money for me! In terms of looks, shorter than me ideally, sporty type, I like curves in a lady, late twenties to early thirties ideally and I’m not ashamed to say I do look for physical as well and mental beauty. I’ve tended to go for voluptuous, rah, big hair, country, publics school types in the past.

Longest Relationship – Five years on and off.

Why do you think you’re single? – I’ve had two relationships I thought for a while would go the whole distance but in hindsight I realise that I’m yet to meet anyone I can truly relax and be myself around or spend time with without getting frustrated or realising we are just different people. Everyone has a sob story and mine are no different; I just haven’t met the right person yet who I feel truly comfortable letting into my life. Currently just enjoying being single, not in a laddish or sleazy way, but just being myself with no constraints.

Good Relationship Traits – I like to make things fun and full of laughter – the pursuit of happiness is a genuine ongoing thing I try and achieve so I like to think I show people a good time. I’m generous, affectionate and loyal. If someone is the object of my affection then they will know it. I know what I want, I’m comfortable and confident where my career is going and I’m emotionally, physically and financially robust.

Bad Relationship Traits – I can be extremely impatient, I’m a quick decision maker which can get interpreted as arrogance/stubbornness, I have been known to get too involved too soon, I get bored easily so if someone doesn’t share my enthusiasm then I get frustrated. Confidence in myself also gets misinterpreted as arrogance. So, reading this section back, maybe I can be arrogant at times.

Which Dating Experiment will you be taking part in? – All are interesting, but I think I’ll go for geography to begin with.

How would you describe the way you date? – Lazy. I don’t normally do dates, I’ve never really needed to to be quite honest.

What do you find most attractive in a date? – A good sense of humour, enthusiasm, a sense of adventure, wit, intelligence and knowing what’s going on in the world. Someone who can laugh at themselves and not take life too seriously.

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Big no’s for me in a potential partner are: arrogance, stubbornness, vanity, argumentative competitiveness, emotional instability or insecurity, lethargy, obtuse mindset, baggage, lack of manners or being socially inept.

Best Ever Date – I did fly a girl to Portugal once for a first date…

Worst Ever Date – On a date with an American girl and being introduced as her boyfriend to her parents straight away before we had started the date. That’s was awkward when I told her I wasn’t interested…

Celebrity Crushes – Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone, Hayley Atwell, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Scherzinger.

The Champagne Hero is currently attempting 30 Random Challenges before he turns 30 (I can confidently take some credit for inspiring him, as he set up the blog after a conversation we had! 🙂 )

To read more, check out his blog here!

So – 3 Contributors down, and 27 more to find … Please keep sending in your applications to be an Experimental Dater!  You can either contact me over Twitter @30dates  or by email – thirtydates@hotmail.com

The cool thing is – we’re just starting out with The Experiments, so if you want to be involved, you can literally choose what you get to do for the blog – the more ideas, the better.  The plan is to shape Phase Two of 30 Dates with 30 Different Dating voices, and try to represent as many different daters as possible in the process

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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