Experimental Dater Five – Tabula Rasa

Time to add another female Dater to the team.  In her own words, Experimental Dater Number Five voluntarily ‘took herself off the market’ for the past year, during which time she made a lot of changes.  And part of her fresh take on life will be blogging for 30 Dates as one of the thirty Experimental Daters!

For those of you who don’t speak Latin, Tabula’s blog name means clean or ‘blank slate’.  The expression is based on wax tablets, which were melted so they can be used to write on again – I figured it was quite fitting, given Tabula’s new start, and the fact she’ll now be writing for the 30 Dates Blog!


Blog Name – Tabula Rasa

Twitter Account – @tabularasa4141

Age – 25 (26 next month!)

Relationship Status – Single (purposely for the past year)

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – Skeptic agnostic

Height – 5’9″

Body type – In true POF style, “a few extra pounds”

Job – Events Manager

Education – Bachelor’s degree

Hobbies – Music and creating never ending playlists on spotify, writing and reading, candy crush features far too often in my daily routine at the moment, road trips and exploring, Instagramming everything, eating out and Pinot grigio.

Ideal Partner – Humour is vital, I spend most of my day slugging at most things. The ability to be spontaneous. Ambition and self-sufficiency are important to me. I’m pretty tall, especially in heels, so height is always a plus.

Longest Relationship – 18 months

Why do you think you’re single? – I’ve been voluntarily “out of the game” for a year due to a bad break up and wanting to focus on my career. Sufficiently focused out, I’m now very much ready to mingle !

Good Relationship Traits – as mentioned before, a good sense of humour, or lack of one, is a deal breaker for me. I can be a big kid at times; which I like to think is my most endearing feature. I’m loyal, friendly, ambitious and driven. I go out of my way for people I care about. I’m also so laid back I’m basically horizontal and I can cook!

Bad Relationship Traits – I’ve got an overactive imagination so I can sometimes overthink. I have a scarily good photographic memory which can be a good or a bad thing!

How would you describe the way you date? – light heartedly and with no expectations!

What do you find most attractive in a date? – Intelligence and ambition, GSOH, an interest in and knowledge of music and to not be afraid to take the proverbial p out of me,

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Baggage and bad personal hygiene. Rudeness is my absolute pet hate too.

Best Ever Date – being taken to see ‘The Lion King’ in the West Wnd was pretty excellent.

Worst Ever Date – A guy spent the entire date staring at my chest then asked if I would consider having a threesome with him…awkward…

Celebrity Crushes – Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Henry Cavill

Thanks everyone who has applied to be an Experimental Dater so far – it’s great to hear the blog has touched so many of your lives!  Genuinely such an honour to hear I’ve changed a lot of peoples’ approaches to dating in just three months!  Who’d have known my heartache would end up in such an awesome summer, and motivating so many of you to go out and date again!

I’m still looking for more Experimental Daters so please keep emailing me to volunteer at thirtydates@hotmail.com.  If you could write a short piece about what you can offer the blog, particularly from a different perspective, as the idea is to get as many different voices and stand-points as possible, that would be great.  Please also fill in the questionnaire above, and attach a headshot which you’re happy to use on the blog.  You can be completely anonymous if you like – just let me know.

If you don’t hear back from me immediately, please don’t be offended.  If anything a lot of the applicants have been really like me (which is really lovely to know!).  Just need to make sure the 30 Experimental Daters are as varied and different as possible.

Thanks again,

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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