Experimental Dater Nine – The Flash

The Flash has a super power … and it comes in the form of her camera!  Experimental Dater Number Nine will be shining light on a different side of dating, in a very visual manner!  And I can’t wait to see the results!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name – The Flash

Twitter Account – @TheFlash_30

Age – 30

Location – Manchester, England

Relationship Status – Single

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – Christian

Height – 5’10”

Body Type – Average (as a photographer of women though, I can assure you body ‘types’ don’t exist! We’re all pretty unique and different in our shapes!)

Job – Graphic Designer/Photographer

Education – Degree at art school

Hobbies – Drawing, crafty things and any creative-ness really, community activity, music – going to gigs, travelling, art exhibitions, cinema, reading, walking in the countryside

Ideal Partner – Confident, intelligent, funny-witty, tall, ambitious, spiritual, adventurous, laid back, honest

Longest Relationship – Er, with my camera. And that’s only 3 years.

Why do you think you’re single? – Because I’m quite independent and wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice that for anything less than an amazing partnership which I haven’t found yet

Good Relationship Traits – I’m caring, a great listener, creative, honest and like to communicate about everything and not let things go unresolved

Bad Relationship Traits – I like to communicate about everything and not let things go unresolved, which may come across a bit intense to some! My independence – I take a long time to ‘depend’ on someone. Argumentative and stubborn (well, I like to debate!).

What Dating Experiment will you be taking part in? – Seeing as the category was created especially for me, I think I better do ‘Pictures’!

How would you describe the way you date? – Quite relaxed. Looking for fun, happy times for initial one or two dates, (but always with the long-term scribe in my brain silently taking notes!)

What do you find most attractive in a date? – Wittiness, energy, confidence, love for life, faith, gentlemanliness

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Unkindness (to anybody), selfishness, arrogance, laziness, nervousness, disrespect for women

Best Ever Date – A second date with a guy who treated me really well, took me to a fancy restaurant (and didn’t even let me see me the bill. On that note, what is it with this new fad of girls ‘accidently’ paying for the guy?! It’s happened to me once, and although I’m perfectly happy sharing it evenly, girls paying more seems to be a worrying trend!) We wandered around a street festival, listened to live music, had great, relaxed and interesting conversation and enjoyed each other’s company for about 10 hours.

Worst Ever Date – At a dreadful cafe, eating stale cake.  I hadn’t realised he thought it was a date, until about halfway through the one-sided conversation (his side, not mine).

Celebrity Crushes – Dermot O’Leary, Nick from New Girl, Robert Downey Jr

Check out The Flash’s photo wizardry here!

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