Experimental Dater Ten – The Best Man

I told you some old faces would be returning to the blog!  Not satisfied with scoring an impressive 8.75/10 with his Notting Hill / Geocaching Date, The Best Man returns to the 30 Dates Blog … but this time as a contributor!

To find out why I named him ‘The Best Man’, check out Date Number Nineteen.  The rest of his ‘basic dating credentials’ can be found below …

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name – The Best Man

Age – 31

Location – Vancouver, Canada

Relationship status- Single

Sexuality- Straight male

Religion – Christianity

Height – 5’11”

Body Type – Athletic

Job – Having just moved to Canada, I’m still searching. Likely soon to be Starbucks or similar, but I’m supposed to be a marine biologist.

Education: Masters degree

Hobbies – Music and going to gigs, sport – primarily Australian rules football, but also a lot of soccer (I’m in Canada – I have to call it that now!), running and snowboarding. I also occasionally like to pretend I’m a film nerd and hang out at a local art house cinema

Ideal Partner – Someone creative and artsy. I’m on the side of people who believe that opposites attract – as a scientist with all the sum of my creativity occupying less body volume than my little toes, I’m fascinated by people who ‘get’ art & music etc., and I find it really attractive. And someone else who is fascinated by philosophy and theology and loves to spend time thinking about the big questions in life and how we therefore live.

Longest relationship – 9 months

Why do you think you’re single – Because I’m furiously independent and ludicrously picky. The lone ranger part of me doesn’t think it needs anyone else to survive life and have a good time, so I end up not being particularly on the lookout for a relationship and the girls I do meet rarely meet my irrationally high standards.  Having a move across the Atlantic on the cards for the last 9 months hasn’t really helped develop any promising friendships further either.

Good relationship traits – I’m extremely low maintenance. I cook a great eggs benedict. I get on really well with mothers and grannies.

Bad relationship traits – Stubborn and prone to being argumentative. Very competitive and a bad loser. I’m messy and I leave the toilet seat up. And it takes a long time for me to be be vulnerable and ‘let someone in’.

How would you describe the way you date? – Adventurously. I’d rather go do something exciting outside than just have a coffee or a meal. Paradoxically, I’m also quite lackadaisical. My pickiness means that I’m a bit lazy and often find it hard to bother with further dates if I’m not completely convinced by them.

What do you find most attractive in a date? – Self confidence & assertiveness, creativity, sense of humour. A hot fringe and a dash of quirkiness is a bonus.

What do you find least attractive? – Materialism, self-obsession, someone without much going on, who’s looking for a partner to be their hobby. Cat-ladyness – I really don’t want to play second fiddle to Whiskers and Felix.

Best ever date? –  Not technically a date, but I first met a girl whilst scuba diving from a boat when I was working in Zanzibar. We got talking and it turned out we lived 5 minutes away from each other back in the UK, and thus began nine months of dating. White sands, blue water, dolphins, turtles and a tropical sunset. Not sure that will ever be beaten aesthetically.

Worst ever date? – There have been plenty of mediocre, stunted-conversation dates, but fortunately as yet, no diarrhea/vomiting or escape-through-window disasters yet.

Celebrity Crush – Zooey Deschanel, That girl who played Kate in Lost.

If you want to join The Best Man, The One with the Sign, and the rest of the first ten Experimental Daters in the team of 30 new contributors to the blog, please drop me an email at thirtydates@hotmail.com or on Twitter @30Dates.

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