Experimental Dater Thirteen – The New Realist

Our next new contributor achieves two ‘firsts’ amongst The Experimental Daters.  She is the first Experimental Dater who isn’t single.  And she’s also the first gay Experimental Dater.  Her blog name comes from her change of attitude to dating, as described below …


Blog Name – The New Realist

Twitter Account – @TheNewRealist30

Age – 27 

Location – Southampton

Relationship Status – In a relationship

Sexuality – Lesbian

Religion – Agnostic

Height – 5’10”

Body Type – Contently podgy

Job – Software Operations

Education – A Level

Hobbies – Football, Rugby, Mountain Biking, Whittling, photography, music, Juicing, Cooking, Gaming, Movies, Laughing

Ideal Partner

So let’s be honest, I spent the majority of my evenings searching dating sites for the ultimate girlfriend. The one you could show off to everyone and know that you would get a sneaky air five from the other side of the pub. I was in search of the perfect woman, the type I dreamed about when I first came out. The tall, long legged, athletic lady with a gorgeous face and stunning body! (The average male stereotype I know, but lesbians are little deeper than men, or so I would like to think.) She also needed to be intelligent and hold a conversation. A good sense of humour and a stable job.

I then realised I was making life very difficult.

Not only was I looking for the perfect partner using the obvious male clichés but also the picky female ones.

This is when I decided that looking for this unrealistic beauty should end. I stopped looking for the stereotypical love of my life and walked smack bang into the best friend I was always looking for, I was just looking for the wrong thing.

Let’s be fair she really needs to learn that I am never wrong and it was always her that had it last or moved it.

Longest Relationship – 2 and half years

Why do you think you were single? –

If I look back at why I thought I was single…… I was too damn picky and I hate to say it but very shallow, I mean right down to deciding to date a girl depending on her hair colour.

Good Relationship Traits – Honest, funny, will always put you first.

Bad Relationship Traits – I was prone to getting attached too quickly (might be a lesbian thing), some would say I am stubborn but I would obviously disagree and I am probably not the best at communicating my feelings. If you ask my other half she would probably tell you I’m grumpy when I’m tired or hungry and dare I say it….I snore.

What Dating Experiment Do You Want To Do? – Quite a few but I am really looking forward to The Wednesday Dating Club. When one of you works shifts it’s hard to fit in the time together.

How would you describe the way you date? – I would like to think I would go the extra mile for a date. I would always offer to go to them. I would offer to let my date choose our activity and I would most certainly offer to pay.

However, I do think that deep down these attributes were just hiding under lying ones. By meeting on their ground it was up to me when I left, letting them choose the date meant I didn’t have to be the one who made the bad decision and let’s be fair we all like to be the one taken out and treated even if we won’t admit it.

What do you find most attractive in a date? – On first appearance a sparkling eye or a glistening smile. A girl has to be intelligent and honest, have a good sense of humour and have the ability to make you smile and some may think I am strange but nice hands.

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Arrogance, liars, laziness stumpy finger nails and smelly feet.

Best Ever Date – a 7 hour Skype date that just never ended

Worst Ever Date – I have certainly had a few moments of ‘what the hell am I doing’ but I think one that stands out the most was dropping a date home as quickly as I could because the smell of her feet had filled my car to the point I wanted to vomit.

Celebrity Crushes – Sandra Bullock, Heather Peace, Naya Rivera, Alecia Moore (Pink)

If you’d like to join The New Realist, Miss 32, and the other Experimental Daters, and write for the 30 Dates blog, please contact me at thirtydates@hotmail.com or tweet me @30Dates

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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  1. Well written darling!

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