Experimental Dater Twelve – Miss 32

My Dating Partner in Crime, I’ve mentioned her a great deal on the blog already, but it’s time for you guys to get to know her a bit better.  The voice of dating sense, Miss 32 is one of my best friend’s older sisters, and after a summer cringing at singles’ events together, I now also count her as a good friend.


Blog Name – Miss 32

Twitter Account – @Miss_32__

Age – 32 surprisingly enough 😉

Location – London, England

Relationship Status – Single

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – No strong beliefs, they all seem to have both good and bad points whichever you follow (well except Scientology which is just alien to me……)

Height – 5’4″

Body Type – Healthy & Hourglass

Job – Finance

Education – BSc, ACA

Hobbies – I love travelling!  Just back from climbing Kilimanjaro (no, it really isn’t that easy despite what others assured me!) and am planning my next trip which I’m thinking will be a few weeks touring Vietnam/Cambodia as not done any of Asia yet.  I also love the theatre, rugby (my Dad’s Welsh so it was inevitable!) and just generally making the most of living in London.

Ideal Partner – I’m quite outgoing and talkative, so confidence is an absolute must for me.  A man who enjoys life, knows what he wants out of it, but isn’t afraid to take a chance. The type of man who would typically be found in the pub on a late Saturday afternoon with his mates having just been to the match (or of course in there with them watching the game indoors), but who still holds open the doors for me, will be secretly keeping half an eye on me to make sure I’m ok, and offers his jacket on a cold evening – think well brought up Rugby boy!

Failing that I’ll just have to rely on the fundamental 3 S’s and go from there – Single, Straight and Solvent 😉

Longest Relationship – 2 years, but more recently it’s been a series of 3-6 month’ers

Why do you think you’re single? – Whilst I talk a good game, I’m crap when it comes to meeting men (the right men that is!). It doesn’t help that the ones I usually do meet happen to be on a Thursday/Friday night out in the City after a very long week at work and I’m knocking back shots with my girlfriends!!!  Where are all the unmarried, attractive, genuine guys in London as after 6 years here I’m still struggling to see where they all hide out together – is there a secret “invite only” mans pub they don’t want just any single girl to know about!

Good Relationship Traits – I’m optimistic, caring, intelligent, easy to get on with, quick witted (ok, so sometimes borderline sarcastic) and affectionate.  I enjoy catching up on the sofa for romantic evenings in, but am also happy out in the pub with their mates watching the football or rugby ….. so long as I can have a glass of wine to watch it with 😉

Bad Relationship Traits – Probably a little too independent and I’m a self confessed over organiser/planner!  If you don’t like fast thinking, overly talkative people I’m definitely not the girl for you.

How would you describe the way you date? – I guess I don’t really (or should I say haven’t been for a while now), which probably is why I’m single still come to think of it…,,,

What do you find most attractive in a date? – Talkative, Confident, Decisive and most of all Fun!

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Rudeness, Arrogance (there is a fine line between over confident and just plain obnoxious!!), negative outlook, unenthusiastic and dull conversation.

Best Ever Date – Surprise front row tickets to a West End Musical I happened to have mentioned in passing that I really wanted to see followed by an amazing dinner and walk by the Thames back to the tube (he refused to let me walk by the road having to always be between me and the traffic – I actually thought that was pretty cute!). He pretty much lived up to the traits on my “ideal man” list that day 🙂

Worst Ever Date – 2nd date was invited over to his flat (which was a bit weird in itself but he seemed harmless enough) for Sunday dinner which consisted of me sitting alone in one room whilst he cooked (he couldn’t be “disturbed” whilst he was in the kitchen), then being presented with a plate full of nothing but slabs of meat and roast potatoes (nothing else, no greens, vegetables, yorkshires) ……. after making an early exit he insisted on walking me to the tube (yes, kind of cute) only to then launch himself towards my face – I somehow managed to avoid the kiss and get away with the hugging air cheek kiss.

Celebrity Crushes – Huge crush on both Gabriel Macht  and Patrick Adams from Suits, also have a thing for Tyson Beckford & Wentworth Miller, and I never have quite got over my David Boreanaz phase (I so so so badly wanted to be Buffy……ok, so I still kind of do now!)

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