The Slippery Fish (Repost from DC Dating Machine)

Love this post by the DC Dating Machine, and I think Miss 32 would also agree!

DC Dating Machine

Sometimes I get tired of online dating.  The profiles, the emails, the selfies– it’s exhausting.  You think you’ve come across someone with decent dating potential and then, boom!  They’re “still nursing the wounds from a breakup in 2011” or “really into Nickelback.”

Which is why I was so excited to flirt with a real, live man who happens to be a friend of a friend.  I’ve known this guy for years, though not very well, and recently some friendly contact at a party turned into some very flirty texting.

I’ve gotta say, I was intrigued.  This guy is cute, funny, smart, and the life of the party.  When he started texting me from his overseas vacation, it wasn’t long before I took the bait.  Did I have some reservations?  Sure– I don’t know that we have that much in common, and I’d heard through the grapevine that he might have…

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