Experimental Dater Fourteen – The Mermaid

One of the great parts of introducing the Experimental Daters to the blog, is that The Dating Experiments can involve other media – not just the written word.  Earlier this week, I launched the 30 Dates YouTube channel with a vlog about the #WednesdayDatingClub, and the Experimental Dater ‘The Flash’ will be exploring the ‘Pictures’ Experiment in photo form.

And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce The Mermaid to the blog.  An internationally recognised illustrator and artist, The Mermaid will be contributing to the 30 Dates blog with what she describes as her ‘compulsive visions between fact and fiction‘.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name – The Mermaid

Age – 26

Location – Currently Mexico, but travels a lot

Relationship status- Happily taken

Sexuality- Prefer men

Religion – Spiritual but not religious

Height – Tall

Body Type – Medium

Job – Artist

Education: Life

Hobbies – freediving, scuba diving, horse riding, travel, creation, parties, yoga, philosophy, adventure

Ideal Partner – an independent dreamer, someone without fear of extremes, openness to unique personalities and experiences

Longest relationship – 4 years (-ish)

Good relationship traits – Fun, spontaneous, ope- minded, dreamer, creativeness, excitable, daring, adventurous, etc etc

Bad relationship traits – Jealousy, control, domination, argumentative, manipulative, etc

How would you describe the way you date? Haphazardly and without structure or planning, constantly in damage-control…  I’ve been called “ice queen”, “runner” and told that I date like a man.

What do you find most attractive in a date? Unconventional ways of sweeping me off my feet

What do you find least attractive? People that behave in a manner that they think they should, conventionalism

Best ever date? –  We climbed a mountain and sat on the edge of a cliff.  I drew in my journal while he rambled at me about dreams and the meaning of life

Worst ever date? – He proposed to me by tying a ring onto the guideline out of an underwater cave.  We were an hour away from an air source, or anywhere we could have a proper conversation.  When he went to cut the ring off of the line, he also cut the line, and we spent the next half an hour thinking we would die because we couldn’t find the way out.

I did not marry him.

You can check out The Mermaid’s website here, or follow her on Facebook here.

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