Experimental Dater Fifteen – Kink

When I introduced the Dating Experiments – Phase Two of the 30 Dates blog – I was keen for there to be a sexual element to some of the posts, because realistically sex is a big part of dating and relationships.  However, as my blog is only written semi-anonymously (anyone particularly investigative could easily discover my identity, and a number of my friends and family regularly read it!), I wasn’t overly keen to share too much of my own sex life online!  However, I was keen to find a Samantha to my Carrie Bradshaw … and I do believe I’ve found her!  Or rather, she’s found me (by applying to thirtydates@hotmail.com to become an Experimental Dater).

It’s time to add a kinkier side to the Dating Experiments, in the form of The Experimental Kinkster … or ‘Kink’ for short!


Blog Name – Kink

Twitter Account – @Miss_NDS

Age – 27

Location – London, England

Relationship Status – Single, for almost a year

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – Catholic school girl (the clichés write themselves!)

Height – 5ft

Body Type – Short (see above), curvy would be the polite dating profile term I think!

Job – Management Consultant

Education – BA Hons

Hobbies – Well, I love Monopoly! Seriously! Also – talking, reading, dancing, tea, smutty innuendos, the sound of the sea, baking, making plans, travel adventures, singing, giving career advice, finding the perfect spot for Sunday brunch, buying shoes, walks by the river, trawling through vintage markets, dinner with friends, people watching at airports, laughing until it hurts and making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night.

Ideal Partner – I’m looking for a charming gent for brunch, tea, dancing, wine and laughter for starters! Beyond that a man who is strong, driven, intelligent, challenging, gentle, honest and loyal; although this might have been influenced by reading too many romance novels! I’m also looking for a man who knows his way around the bedroom, clearly! I’m currently trying to understand how important this is – I’m looking to explore my kinky side but also find a life partner, I want a man who is looking for the perfect wife and the perfect whore, a gent who will treat me like his lady in life and his dirty slut in secret and a man who understands that I feel guilty and conflicted by merely admitting that to myself!

Longest Relationship – 7 years

Why do you think you’re single? – Well I ended a 7 year relationship at Christmas last year and have spent the last 10 months embroiled in a heated love affair with a terribly bad man. It was fun, dangerous, exciting, hot, intense, frenzied but ultimately heartbreaking– I’ll tell you about it sometime 😉  I’m now looking to get out there I suppose – my friends have been urging me for months to just go on some dates, what is the harm they say, what’s stopping me? I think the answer is fear – I’ve never really ‘dated’, I was with ‘the ex’ from the first week of uni (yes I was one of them!) and I don’t remember dating before that! I then fell into things with ‘the bad one’ – I’m not sure we ever officially dated! I’ve got no idea where to find people? I’m not sure if I’ve got any chat? I don’t know if people fancy me? I don’t know how to close the deal and get to the date stage if they do?

Good Relationship Traits – I’m loving and loyal and committed, I’m a great gift giver, I’m a planner always looking for the next adventure and always up for trying something new.

Bad Relationship Traits – I’m a bit of a grown up and can be rationale and logical and take things too seriously, I need someone to balance it out and remind me to chill out sometimes!

How would you describe the way you date? – I have no idea – it’s been a while!

Which Experiments will you be taking part in? – Loads of them but in particular I suppose the ones around sex and sexuality. I’ve dipped my toe in the digital ‘kinky’ scene for the past year or so into the physical London ‘kinky scene’ for the past few months – I’m really enjoying it but it’s raising some really interesting questions for me – how much am I looking for kink to be in the bedroom, how much to be in my head and how much to be a lifestyle choice? Can I date a normal man and just be happy with hot sex or do I need a ‘labeled kinkster’ to float my boat? More importantly how do I actually feel about sex – I’ve had a lot of sex over the years and a lot of unconventional downright filthy sex over the last year but not many sexual partners – in fact, I’ve told you about them both! I’m in the difficult position where I want to have lots of sex and explore my sexuality but I don’t want to add lots of empty numbers to my tally! It will be an interesting journey!

What do you find most attractive in a date? – A glint in the eye and a cheeky grin

What do you find least attractive in a date? – Negativity, bad hygiene, long hair, trainers with your suits – sorry guys!

Best Ever Date – This award is up for grabs – anyone want to take me out?!

Worst Ever Date – I went on a blind date when I was 18 – I had to leave due to an ‘emergency’ – I’m a terrible actress, I’m still cringing!

Celebrity Crushes – Ryan Gosling, yes please!

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  1. Tell us more about the sex!

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