Experimental Dater Seventeen – The Yummy Mummy

As I explained a few days ago, the whole point of the Experimental Daters is to approach Dating from a number of different perspectives, experiences and levels of expertise, and give new voices to the 30 Dates Blog.  And so the following Dater contrasts quite nicely to the likes of Kink and The Experimental Flaneur.

A lot of regular blog readers aren’t single, but used my 30 Dates tales to live vicariously through me over the summer – whether they were married, in a longterm relationship, or relatively new parents.  And when The Yummy Mummy contacted me about writing for the blog, she explained how keen she was to remind other people that you can still go on dates with your partner, even if you have the new names of ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ to remember.


Blog Name – The Yummy Mummy

Age – 29

Relationship Status –  Common Law Partnership of 5 years (i.e we’re not married, but we’ve lived together for a quite a while) My partner is 33. We also have a 9 month old baby boy.

Location – Leeds, England

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – Everyone needs to believe in something somewhere, surely?

Height – About 5 7″ I think

Body Type – 9 months post baby

Job – Sustainability Consultant for a global engineering consultancy.

Education – Masters Degree (MSc)

Hobbies – Mountain biking, snowboarding, walking, camping, knitting, baking & gardening.

Ideal Partner – If I was answering this 5 or 6 years ago…Someone athletic, reasonably well educated/intelligent, funny, ability to make me laugh, caring & attentive.

Actual Partner – When I first met my partner, he smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish and was planning his wedding. As someone who has never smoked and stayed reasonably fit, he was as far removed from my ‘ideal partner’ that you could possibly get. Now, he no longer smokes, certainly doesn’t drink as much, has a divorce certificate (somewhere!) and since the arrival of our little boy, I’ve seen a side to him that makes me love him that little bit more.

Longest Relationship – 5 years

Good Relationship Traits – Extremely caring and always put my partner, son, family and friends before myself.

Bad Relationship Traits – Can be high maintenance because I like to be organised and know what’s happening. In fact, I think I’d go so far as to say “control freak”.

How did you date in the past? – Living in Leeds, we are surprisingly spoilt for nice places to eat & drink. We wouldn’t think twice about having drinks and/or food in the city or Chapel Allerton after work. Likewise at weekends, we’d probably go out mountain biking or walking on a Saturday followed by a meal out with friends. Sundays, we could easily be found in a country pub with a pint of ale, roast beef dinner and an open fire.

When did you realise you wanted to settle down with your partner? – Quite soon after we “officially” started dating. Sounds incredibly cheesy, but there was something about him that just felt right. He was the complete opposite to anyone that I had dated previously, so was rather shocked to feel that way. After a short lived marriage on his part, he had very little interest in getting remarried but that suited me. However, I was always very open about wanting children through.

What’s the best thing about being in a relationship? – Having so much love, trust and respect for someone that you’re prepared to raise and love a child with them.

What’s the worst thing about being in a relationship? – You have very little down time to just sit in silence and be at one with your own thoughts.

Best Ever Date – We borrowed a friend’s sports car, drove to the Lake District & stayed at this amazing pub/B&B near Ambleside. As we were guests we could stay in the bar for as long as we liked. I kicked off my heels, swung my legs over the chair arm and we sat up for hours talking and drinking whiskey.

Worst Ever Date – We had a terrible meal at a restaurant in Leeds, terrible service, terrible everything. In fact the only good part was the free G&T they gave us after we complained.

Celebrity Crushes – Jenson Button and Jake Humpreys. I don’t even like F1.

I’m still recruiting for Experimental Daters, so if you’ve read the other profiles and feel you still have a different perspective to add to the blog, or would like to be involved in some other way, please contact me @30Dates on Twitter, or by emailing thirtydates@hotmail.com.

And remember to plan a date for the first Wednesday Dating Club!  Only two more days to go!!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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