Experimental Dater Sixteen – The Enigmatic Flaneur

Don’t blame me for this Experimental Dater’s name … he came up with it!  And yes, I had to Google ‘Flaneur’ too … 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name – The Enigmatic Flaneur

Age – Late twenties

Location – London

Relationship status- Unattached

Sexuality- Heterosexual

Religion – Devout hedonist

Height – 5’8”

Body Type – Athletic

Job – Trusted Advisor

Education: Ongoing. Relentless focus on personal development.

Hobbies – flanerie, surrealism, artistry, sport, experiments, travel, l’éphémère, philosophy, personal development, hedonism,

Ideal Partner – experienced, warm, traditional, open-minded, affectionate, passionate, honest, voluptuous

Longest relationship – 1 year

Good relationship traits – experienced, warm, traditional, open-minded, affectionate, passionate, honest

Bad relationship traits – direct, ruthless, uncompromising, conditionally committed, hard to please, honest

How would you describe the way you date? Thought-out, targeted, traditional, generous, clinical, effective

What do you find most attractive in a date? Open-mindedness

What do you find least attractive? Too many questions which indicate someone is looking to ascertain if you are “the one” within the first 15 minutes of meeting you. It kills it.

Best ever date? – a Thames river cruise, followed by a meal on the South Bank, followed by a stroll and a sleep in St James’ Park, followed by a night and a morning together. I was only vaguely attracted to the girl in question but the way that date was done was pretty special, even if I say so myself. I see the potential for artistry in every date and in everything in life – every man’s work is a portrait of himself.

Worst ever date? – after a number of telephone conversations, the subject arrived and was completely different to her pictures, to the extent that it was almost unacceptable. Out of sheer politeness I was still a gentleman and went through the motions. I must admit – I did also run off once, to prevent what might have been a bad date. Guilty. I’ve had some dates which have started horrendously, and then ended incredibly. I’ve also had some dates where on paper, it looked like perfection but ended up in complete catastrophe. It’s always on a knife-edge and that’s what makes it. What goes around comes around.

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