MARRIAGE – The Wedding Date Challenge (Blonde Ambition)

Kicking off the ‘Marriage’ experiments, Blonde Ambition introduces her Wedding Date Challenge – a hunt which is likely to consume much of the next ten months for her … (And I thought three was tiring enough!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

With the date finally set for my sister’s wedding, panic set in – who will be my plus one?

As a constant singleton (very much adopting the Bridget Jones lifestyle… hopefully, slightly more acceptable considering I’m only in my 20s?!), I don’t have a boyfriend to drag along to the social event of the season.

After a number of flings (they really can’t be classed as relationships), I decided – with my best friend’s encouragement – to set myself a little challenge… to find the perfect wedding date by judging men on strict criteria. Also, by blogging about the whole experience, I hope to stop falling for absolute losers.

One month into the challenge, I have already been on a number of dates, which is a completely new experience for me. Normally, I fall into relationships and stick with them, even when I realise we’re not compatible (which is probably why I end up playing games – I need something to keep me amused).

Having lived in London for just over a year (and with two failed “relationships” behind me), I’m finding this challenge a great way to meet people and discover new places. Yes, I have been on one pretty dire date, but luckily it only lasted half an hour. On the flip-side, I’ve met some really nice guys through this process (so far) and I’ve really begun to enjoy myself.

While the whole challenge is designed to help me find someone to accompany me to my sister’s wedding, it’s also taught me a few things about myself (don’t worry; I’m not going to launch into a speech about ‘self-discovery’).

After being the victim of ‘Wannabe Casanovas’ in the past. I have vowed to speak my mind and not be afraid to say “No” on dates. Previously, I’ve been too much of a pushover. Telling my date this on Saturday, he said I definitely didn’t come across that way to him – helping to highlight my point; I’ve changed recently (or at least my attitude towards dating has).

Previous “boyfriends” have called me naïve and viewed me as someone that needed their protection (ironic when in the end they were the ones I needed protecting from).

But thanks to this challenge, I’m now the one calling the shots.

It’s rather liberating and my confidence (which had taken a battering from these “Casanovas”) has now returned. My no-nonsense approach is clearly working, as my phonebook is full of guys’ numbers and I have numerous date offers on the table.

It’s now just a case of working out how to best ditch the ones I’m not that interested in!

The challenge has also made me question what men look for in a date –

Do they like a sporty girl?

How do they approach women?

What cheesy chat-up lines do they use?

Is it acceptable to date someone who lives along the same road as an ex?

These questions are helping me to define exactly what it is that I’m looking for (trust me; it’s a constantly evolving picture). They’ve also made me realise it’s difficult to define a “type” you find attractive.

While I’ve always known that I’m a quirky (hopefully in a good way) individual, I never realised I would also find this characteristic attractive in a potential partner. I’ve always dated ‘run of the mill’ kind of guys, providing the yin to my yang.  But not anymore.

Discussing it with my date, he said it’ll go one of two ways… we’ll either bounce off each other in a good way or our quirkiness will become too much. Only time will tell.

My sister’s wedding is ten months away and while I may not be any closer to finding my plus one… I’m certainly still up for the challenge.

Bring on the men (as Cilla would say!)

Blonde Ambition 

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