Experimental Dater Eighteen – The Not-So-Single Mum

Time to introduce a second Yummy Mummy to the blog 🙂   Though the Not-So-Single Mum has a very different story to The Yummy Mummy, and I’m really glad that she’s volunteered to share it with us all, because I think it will inspire a lot of you over the coming months …


Blog Name – The Not-So-Single Mum

Age – 21

Location – Nottingham, England.

Relationship Status – Very recently been snatched up by my best friend of 5 years.

Sexuality – Straight.

Religion – Not-so-strict Catholic.

Height – 5ft3

Body Type – Slim, with a hint of flabby stomach…blame the baby.

Job – Full-time mother.

Education – BA Hons yet to be completed…blame the baby.

Hobbies – Skiing, morning cuddles with my son, Sunday walks, daytime drinking, nighttime drinking, and laughing A LOT.

Ideal Partner – Someone who can always make me laugh and forget about my worries.

Actual Partner — Well ever since I met my boyfriend – 5 long years ago –  we have always been best friends. Oddly up until now, I never had an inkling that he liked me as more than a friend. It took him numerous drunken attempts and a few DMC’s (deep, meaningful conversations) to get his point across. And for the last month I have never been happier. I finally gave in and put our ever-so Hollywood-cliche friendship to the test by trialing a relationship. As a result, he has seen me at my complete worst and very best. Even though we’ve only been going out for a mere 3 or 4 weeks, he knows my favourite food, band, restaurant. You name it, he will probably know it. That’s why I feel ever so comfortable with him, and strangely feel like I’ve been dating him for months, maybe even years–not weeks?!

Longest Relationship – 9 months

Good Relationship Traits – Laid back, go with the flow, optimistic, always put others before myself.

Bad Relationship Traits – Sometimes too laid back, always like to dodge a serious conversation.

How did you date in the past? – Not very successfully. I was extremely under confident when it came to dating before having my son. Yes normally it should be the other way round but for me it wasn’t. I had big trust issues allowing me to never fully commit to anybody, as I would never let myself get too deep, just incase I might get hurt.  I had a string of flings that I enjoyed immensely until they got serious, then I would back off and move on to the next.

When did you realise you wanted to settle down with your partner? – After dating numerous people over the summer, I came to realise that everything I had been looking for in these unsuccessful suitors was right in front of my eyes, in the form of my best friend/ now boyfriend.

What’s the best thing about being in a relationship? – I am yet to reap all the joys of being in a relationship, as it is still very early days. But I can certainly say I am already enjoying the consistency. Forgive me if that sounds odd, but after dating a number of people, having that one person who you spend all your time with is really refreshing. My boyfriend has also been involved in my son’s life anyway since he was born, so it’s nice to involve him in both that side of my life, along with the dating side as well. When I originally started thinking about dating and being in a new relationship, I was so worried about introducing my son to a new partner. Whereas with my boyfriend I didn’t have to do that, as he was already such a big part of his life. So that made the transition into a relationship that much easier.

What’s the worst thing about being in a relationship? – Having to balance your time with friends and your boyfriend. And unfortunately you sometimes have to sacrifice your friends. Only sometimes though.

Best Ever Date – Yet to be had.

Worst Ever Date – An awfully stereotypical cinema date. With an equally awful suitor. Enough said.

Celebrity crushes — Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Gosling, Jason Segel.

If you’d like to join the Not-So-Single Mum, The Yummy Mummy, and the host of other Experimental Daters, and talk about dating from an angle that has affected your life, then please email me at thirtydates@hotmail.com, or contact me on Twitter @30Dates.

And remember, if you want to get involved, and get dating, but don’t want to blog about it, you can still take part in the 30 Dates Experiments by joining the Wednesday Dating Club, and heading out on a date this Wednesday 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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