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As part of the 30 Dating Experiments, I’ve invited thirty different Daters to join me on the 30 Dates Blog.  The Experimental Daters will each talk about Dating from his or her own personal angle.  Some are single, others are in relationships; some are married, others are divorced.  Some are gay, others are straight.  Guys and girls, kinksters and virgins – all writing about their own experiences of the dating world.  Hopefully whoever you are reading this blog, at whatever stage in your dating life you find yourself at, you’ll be able to relate to at least one of the Daters’ voices.  If you don’t, then by all means feel free to contact me about writing for the blog … I’m still recruiting!  And sometimes, reading about someone’s completely different experiences and standpoint can be the most interesting!

With all that in mind, The Yummy Mummy touches on why she has volunteered to write for the 30 Dates Blog, and take part in the Dating Experiments.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

A number of you reading this post will wonder what on earth a parent has to add to a blog about dating.

Whilst not always the case, if you’re a parent you’ve probably found someone to settle down with and started creating a future together involving little people.

(Unlike the Not-So Single Mum) I’m not a single parent (although I have the upmost respect for anyone that is) so I wouldn’t automatically class myself as someone who “should” be dating, however recent life changes would make me challenge this dating norm.

Rewind to September 2008.  My partner and I were in the early throws of dating.  We booked last minute flights, threw some clothes in a bag and travelled around Morocco for nearly 3 weeks.  We loved it – enjoying the carefree lifestyle of looking scruffy and not caring where in the world we were, as long as we were together.

We are both ‘do-ers’, we hardly watch television, never play computer games or sit around watching football/golf/snooker.  Our weekends (pre-baby) were occupied with getting out, whether it be mountain biking, walking, renovating our house, camping, travelling, visiting family and friends all over the country, eating out or drinking.

Some people may not have classed this co-habiting lifestyle as “dating”, but we thoroughly enjoyed spending time together and going out together, as a couple.

In January 2013, my partner and I were blessed with a little baby boy.  We desperately wanted to have a baby and we thought we knew what we were letting ourselves into when we proudly stepped into the world of parenthood.

In hindsight we didn’t, there are certain details that the NCT classes miss out and other “parent friends” failed to divulge.  The biggest surprise to me was the lack of time we had for ourselves, let alone each other.  Our ability to be spontaneous and go out together at the drop of a hat was left at the delivery suite door.

Now before you think I’m complaining, I’m absolutely not.  I know that we are truly blessed to have such an amazing little boy in our lives, who has completed us from a couple into a family.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, things are different.  Not different in a bad way, just different.

I’d really like to use my blog posts as a means of exploring what it’s like to reignite our dating mojo now we’re parents and to hopefully give a little hope to any blog readers out there who have recently become parents or those who are expecting their first bundle of joy.  Basically filling in some of the blanks that they failed to tell you at your antenatal classes!

The Yummy Mummy xx

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