FEAR – Happy Hallowe’en!

Rather surprisingly, tonight appears to be one of the sexiest nights of the year!

Not the part where kids go from door to door touting for sweets and goody bags, but as far as Singles Events go.  Almost every singles website and dating company in London is running some kind of event tonight … apparently fear and attraction go hand in hand, at least once a year!

Part of the reason for that is the fancy dress which comes with Hallowe’en – if you’re a single girl dressing up on October 31st, the chances are the word ‘slutty’ appears somewhere in your costume description!

Something Miss 32 and I practised in style last weekend, appearing at the Last Tuesday Society Hallowe’en ball dressed as a Slutty Witch and a Slutty Vampire.


I think Miss 32 is planning on filling you in on some of the details of the event in her first post, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I will tell you that the dress code to Last Tuesday Society Balls is ‘Clothing Optional’! The pinnacle of Fear and Sex combined. (For the record, we both took the very-much clothed option!)

I received an email yesterday naming me as one of London’s most ‘keen’ and ‘savvy’ daters.   I decided not to be offended, and take it as a compliment … but rather ironically, this keen London singleton will be spending tonight in bed … and not in a sexy manner!  I’ve had flu for the last couple of days, and ended up tucked up in bed rather than going on my first Wednesday Dating Club date last night, and tonight, instead of attending the Love & Lust Hallowe’en Singles party at Beaufort House (an event I’d been looking forward to for weeks), I’ll be spending my evening dosed up on Cold and Flu tablets, and shiverring under my duvet.  Most probably a side-effect of living my summer to the max and burning the candle at both ends every day!

In my place, Miss 32, The Champagne Hero and The Rebound Gal will all be partying in Chelsea tonight, to see if the Love & Lust party is as good as the last one I reviewed for the blog.  And fingers crossed, I’ll be well enough to review a different side of Fear and Dating this weekend, when I check out Fright Nights at Thorpe Park.

I’ve never really understood scary movies.  I don’t find enjoyment in fear, and the only times I’ve ever watched horror movies are with the lights on, surrounded by friends, and hidden firmly behind several cushions!  So a Fright Night date could prove an interesting one!

But Fear and attraction can go hand in hand.  Because Fear – whether self-inflicted or real, allows a guy to play the protector.  Sweeping in like a night in shining armour.  And sometimes us girls, no matter how equal we like to play it during the day, are up for playing the role of Damsel in Distress every now and again.

Whatever you’re doing this Halloween evening, I hope you find your Knight in Shining armour, or your Damsel in Distress!

And if, like me, you’re spending Hallowe’en alone, wrapped up on your sofa, then maybe this display of ‘chivalry’ will bring a smile to your face …

Happy Hallowe’en!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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