Guy Fawkes’ Night Fireworks

So my post tonight was going to begin by explaining how Bonfire Night is probably the one night of the year when I really hate being single.  (Yes, more than Valentine’s Day!)

I’m a cuddler, and one of the things I like best about being in a relationship, is having someone to snuggle up with.  Whether on a sofa, in bed, or stood in a field, watching fireworks.  There’s something pretty special about watching the sky fill with colour, and having a guy’s arms wrapped around your shoulders.

Every year I watch the Fireworks, and wonder if next year I might be watching them with someone special keeping me warm against the November cold.

Now don’t worry, that’s about as sentimental as you’re going to get from me, I promise!

I was actually planning on spending tonight blogging about the different types of Singleton, and my own experiences of Life On The Rebound (something The Rebound Gal has begun addressing recently).

However social media had other plans!

First of all, following a comment on the blog late last night, I ended up having a really interesting email conversation with a blog fan.  She had stumbled upon my Challenge early on, and been following the blog ever since.  As a London-based single girl, she’d attended the Guardian Soulmates Vinopolis event, only to later realise I had been there with Miss 32.  And when she received an email from Soulmates explaining that I will be speaking at their next Singles Event, as one of their special guests, she decided to contact me.

Unfortunately (as a number of you have already pointed out!) the evening sessions of the Guardian Coffee event at Boxpark, Shoreditch, next Tuesday, have already sold out (though some tickets are still available for the earlier time slots), however the blog reader also wanted to let me know about a rather amusing coincidence.

This summer she had gone on a blind date, and a second date, with one of my Dates from this summer!  And only realised who he was when she was on the blind date, and he mentioned my Challenge!  Ironically her experiences dating the mystery man were similar to mine!

But that’s the only flash of light you’re getting on that subject – the first amusing explosion of the evening! (I can only imagine his face when his date admitted to having read all about it, and avidly following the blog??!!)  A random collision, proving Single London is smaller than you think!

Back to tonight, and what I expected to be an evening moping alone.

Because just after my email from the blog fan, Tinder struck –

In the form of my own personal Guy Fawkes!

Without a beau to cuddle my shoulders as the sky jumped into action, I’d happily agreed to work a late shift at work.  But as I finished up for the day and prepared to drive home, watching the fireworks displays from the seclusion of my impractical girl car, it turned out I wasn’t the only singleton who had spent Guy Fawkes’ Night at a desk.  Once I was home, Guy Fawkes and I bantered over messages for some time, before deciding to chat on the phone.

And so my evening may not have consisted of fireworks, but it definitely proved host to some sparks – and ones which are really quite cool if you’re single!  Because later this week, Guy Fawkes will be taking me on a date!

So this isn’t the post I planned to write … but that’s the cool part about being single on November 5th … or any night really … You never know what’s round the corner!

Happy Bonfire’s Night!

Miss Twenty-NIne xxx

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