Guest Post: Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Online Dating

The lovely Single Dating Diva asked me to Guest Post on her blog, and discuss the Biggest Mistakes Women Make with Online Dating … check out what I had to say! Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Empowerment Coach Suzie


A few days ago I read  Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Online Dating on this site. As a straight single girl, who is currently a member of several dating sites, I see those mistakes on a regular basis, and agreed with a lot of what the author had to say.

However when Single Dating Diva asked if I would like to write a complimentary post about the mistakes girls make, I realized it was something I’d thought about less.

So what mistakes do us girls make when it comes to online dating?

Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Online Dating

Not Being Honest

Men aren’t the only ones who upload inaccurate photos!

If you actually plan to meet up with someone in person, there’s no point using old photos, or ones where you look thinner than you really are. No one wants to create a disappointing first impression simply by turning…

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