Experimental Dater Twenty-Three – The Enigma

I told you there would be some familiar faces joining the Experimental Daters!  

Not satisfied with inviting Date Two of my Thirty (TOWTS) and Date Nineteen – The Best Man – back to write for the blog, plus last minute contender The Airport Guy (the man who inadvertently taught me how to give Henley Boy the cold shoulder), I thought there was space on the team for another of the 30 Dates!

Regular readers of the blog will know his name well.  The Enigma not only delivered the only 10/10 Date of the Challenge, but was also the only one of the thirty who I went on a second date with.  Something which I guess gives him the unofficial title of ‘King’ of the Dating blog … though if The Dapper Gent’s plans for some up-and-coming dates are anything to go by, I have a feeling he may have a contender!

And yes, he may have bruised my heart (and my ego!) a bit when he put an abrupt end to anything romantic at the end of our second date … but I wasn’t going to let that stand in the way of adding an exciting new Experimental Dater to the team … so it’s time to find out what The Enigma has to say for himself!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name: The Enigma

Age: 29

Location: London, England

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight male

Religion: Agnostic atheist

Height:  6’

Body type: I go to the gym but have a sweet tooth, so anywhere between cuddly and athletic, depending on your perspective and which vice is winning out that particular week!

Job: Banking by day

Education: Degree

Hobbies: Anything related to sport – I’ll have a go at, or sit and support. Most things from skiing to village cricket. Other than that, I enjoy travelling, cooking, pubs, bars, restaurants, a good book and rollercoasters. Any combination is a bonus, but I’ve yet to squeeze them all into one afternoon.

Ideal partner: Hard to say – I don’t really have a type and find a host of different characteristics attractive in different people. I’m hoping that’ll be easier to answer if and when I meet her!

Longest relationship: 7 years, give or take a bit.

Why you think you’re single: Some would say I’m afraid of commitment, I’d argue I enjoy my independence. But after spending my early and mid-twenties in a relationship I resolved to not jump straight back into one. That was nearly three years ago though!

Good relationship traits: I remember birthdays, Christmases and Valentines days. I’m great at buying humorous cards for such occasions and not bad with the present bit either.

Bad relationship traits: Useless at discussing my feelings.

How would you describe the way you date? I enjoy trying new things so attempt to organise dates I’m excited about, so even if it doesn’t go well from a dating perspective at least I still got to do something fun, from visiting new bars and restaurants to trying some new activity or event I’ve heard good things about.

What do you find most attractive in a date? Lots of different things work for me, but a smile and a tan are definitely a great start.

What do you find least attractive in a date? If she takes herself way too seriously.

Best ever date: A pair of evenings with Miss29 were pretty good 🙂

Worst ever date: The dates where the girl doesn’t turn up! On a couple occasions in the last few years I’ve received a last minute message cancelling the date. Some of the reasons made me chuckle though – “I need to go Christmas shopping” (it was a Friday evening in November),  “My dog’s been rushed to the vets” (guessing it ate someone’s homework) and “I have period pains”. The last two were the same girl, I probably should have taken the hint!

Celebrity Crushes: Loads! Marion Cotillard, Amanda Seyfried, Frankie Sandford, and Charlize Theron are the first to spring to mind.

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