FEAR – The Ghost Tour (Dapper Gent)

Form an orderly queue ladies … it’s time for the Dapper Gent’s first blog post! And if he causes even half as much of a stir as his profile did on Twitter last week, we’re in for a treat!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

This was my second date with Dulce.  I met her on Tinder and our first date was at a cocktail bar near to where I live. We agreed to see each other again, which was a pleasant surprise as I quite liked her.

We arranged to meet in Windsor.  Not wanting to do the usual thing of dinner or drinks I decided to investigate other options. It was then I came across The Windsor Ghost Walk.  It had positive ratings on TripAdvisor so I got in contact with the tour company. I opted for a private tour – just the two of us – and when the chap on the phone promised it would be  ‘extra special’,  let’s just say he wasn’t lying!

I picked Dulce up and we headed in to Windsor.   All I’d told her was to dress warm and wear flat shoes.   When I finally told her the plan for the evening, her reaction surprised me –  she thought it would be great to do something different. We arrived an hour early so we could grab a bite to eat, and as we didn’t have long we decided on Wagamamas.

Dulce looked beautiful – the way she was dressed, her hair, everything really. This made me more nervous then I already was.  I’m always nervous in the early stages of dating and I think she noticed.

We went in search of the Horse and Groom Pub, where we met our guide.  The best way to describe him is by using a well-known film – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Seeming rather drunk, and sounding like he was stoned, he later told us he had written ‘A Guide to Coffee Shops in Amsterdam, which explained a lot.

In the words of Mr Mackey in South Park, Drugs are bad.

So we were ready to go, and I couldn’t have picked a better night. A Saturday, with Windsor full of drunken people walking around. We walked through the streets, with the guide speaking loudly about supernatural events and much more. This didn’t make people stare at us …. honest ….

I was feeling a little embarrassed but Dulce kept asking questions, engaging in the situation with the tour guide. I couldn’t help admiring just how easy-going she was. As we walked the streets, parks and cemeteries, the guide talked about all the underground tunnels that used to run below the streets, and how we were lucky as the tour would take us down one. Dulce and I were genuinely excited. The moment came and not a minute too soon.

‘Are you ready for the tunnel?‘ The guide asked.

‘Yes let’s go’ I say – it couldn’t get any worse, could it?


We were led into a busy pub, and all the way to the back, where there was what can only be described as a 2-by-2 metre cave, closed off by iron bars. In we went, closing the cage door behind us, and then we stood around a candle while the other hundred-odd people in the bar stared at us in bemusement.

That moment is now in my top ten most embarrassing moments ever.

We hurried out and on to our last stop – a pub that is haunted!!!

This is where the tour ends and we could have a drink. The guide talked loudly about spiritual events and dragged a barman over to tell a ropey story about his experiences in the pub (which I later got him to admit he was paid to say!).

By now we had the attention of the other guests in the pub. This was where the night got better.  There was a couple sat on the next table, and the husband started making ghost sounds and funny gestures in the background. He started to debated the existence of ghosts with the guide. The punter was like a stand-up comedian and had us in tears of laugher.

It was at this point that Dulce and I began talking about the tour.  We laughed about how embarrassing it was and she told me how she hadn’t been able to look at me during the tour because my WTF facial expression would have made her laugh.  She admitted to asking so many questions because she felt bad for the guide.

So was the tour a success? Yes definitely.

Dulce was an amazing date.  I learned so much about her that night. She’s the kind of person who always considers other peoples’ feelings, will go along with a smile no matter how embarrassed she is, and we laughed so hard at the end of the night.

It was a date that neither of us will forget.

As a date, a ghost tour is maybe not the best idea but as an opportunity to get to know one another, it was great.

Dapper Gent  

Next Date?  Dapper has a Wednesday Dating Club date with one of the blog readers!

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  1. I love it what a great date idea.

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