#WednesdayDatingClub Tale!

Check out this Wednesday Dating Club story which a blog reader has just sent in!  

It’s a bit sad, but Dating isn’t always rosy, and sometimes you have to share the downs as well as the ups.  Speaking of Ups … Dapper Gent was going to text me after his own Wednesday Date with a blog reader, and I haven’t heard back from him yet, so am assuming he’s had better luck than this anonymous reader!

Please all keep Dating – the whole point of #WednesdayDatingClub is to get people out and about – whether you’re single or coupled up! The great thing about 30 Dates is it’s becoming a Dating community – you only have to check out Twitter and see the banter between the Experimental Daters to appreciate that!

Email in your tales to thirtydates@hotmail.com (you can tell me if you don’t want me to share it) or Tweet @30Dates – you don’t have to do a big write-up, it could just be one line to let us know you’re out and about and Dating!

As you’ll see from this post, things don’t always go to plan – but hopefully we can all face the fear of getting out and about and Dating together, safe in the knowledge a whole host of Blog readers are out there doing it too ..

Read her story, and please show some support – we’ve all been here before 😦 

And anonymous reader … is you want some ideas of where to find dates, it’s worth checking out Tinder (the home of immediate dating in London!), DoingSomething – who keep running special promotions for WednesdayDatingClub members to join up cheaply, and Guardian Soulmates – who are planning a big relaunch soon!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

After stumbling onto the blog I figured that maybe it was the wake up call I needed.

My self-confidence is below zero following a break-up almost three months ago, so I am not looking for a relationship or anything, but I do miss the attention, the affection and the fun of receiving a text from someone you like.

It may sound crazy but what ended up convincing me was my work ambitions, because two weeks ago I had a whole class on the importance of networking and self confidence.  In my area, you really need to be a people’s person.

So if I wasn’t even able to push myself when the issue was not as important as work, where I could damage my career, I’d never be able to.

Plus now is the perfect timing.  Not only am I not looking to settle down, so I can just have fun and try to enjoy it, but I’m only studying in London for a year, so even if I make a fool of myself this year there are strong chances that I will never run into the same people again.

At least that was my train of thought as I put myself through trying to get a date.

On account of my shyness, I cheated a bit – I could never just walk up to a nice-looking stranger!  Instead, during drinks with people on my program I manage to talk to a friend of a friend who had came along and seemed pretty nice.  After a few drinks and awkward allusions on my side, he asked for my number and gave me his.

He hadn’t made contact, so I few days later I decided to write myself and at least make it so that we could run into each other without it being awkward.

He responded and as I was going back home for the weekend we planned to keep in touch for this week.

I had found a date for my first attempt at #WednesdayDatingClub –  yay!

A girl from my class actually called me “cute” as I was smiling and pretty happy to receive his text and even though I was nervous at the idea of going out on a date, it made me feel good to get some attention.

Little did I know that over the weekend, people from my class and him went for drinks and that same girl ended up kissing him.

There’s not much to be said about it –  as long as it’s consenting adults they’re free to do whatever they like, but I must admit I am a bit disappointed.

As a result, the date never happened.

So this first failed attempt at getting a date didn’t help my self confidence much, quite the contrary.

I guess you got to get back on the horse but I wouldn’t know where to start looking…


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