#WednesdayDatingClub Tale

If you’re single and planning a date this Wednesday, then you are not alone!  And if you’re single and not planning a date this Wednesday, then why not?! GET OUT THERE!

A number of the Experimental Daters were out last Wednesday, so will sprinkle #WednesdayDatingClub tales  in amongst the normal 30 Dates blog posts 🙂 

First The Flash tells us about her last Wednesday Dating Club date, up in Manchester.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

I had been hankering after a date with Mr Happy – the lovely German who was funny, smart and incredibly upbeat and positive about life.  So when he suggested spending some time together, with fewer people than the large gangs we’d up til that point been in the company of, I was quick to add that if it was only us, then that would be fine! (The meaning of this got slightly lost in my hasty text speak but he eventually got the gist!)

On comparing diaries, it so happened that Wednesday was the best day for both of us, so rather accidently, I ended up joining the Wednesday Dating Club. (When Miss 29 originally announced the Club, I thought it would be unlikely I’d often be able to make room for it, and true enough, until this week my Wednesdays have consisted of ‘dates’ with Cupid With a Bad Aim, my Mum, and one with a group of friends watching ourselves on River Cottage (yes, actually).)

The date was good. Mr Happy is a perfect gentleman, who walked to mine to pick me up, before heading in to town for some dinner and then some Gluhwein at the recently opened Christmas Markets. It was soggy and cold, but you really can’t go wrong with steaming hot alcohol, can you?

Best moment of the evening? When we walked past a homeless man, Mr Happy stopped, bent down next to him and said “Hi mate”. (That’s pretty severe winning-at-dating points in my book!)

Worst moment? When they announced the bar was closing at only 9pm. Why do the markets not stay open later?! It makes me confused every year.

The Outcome? Got to know a new friend better! He’s a wonderful guy but we both agreed we were better suited as friends.

I’m a little regretful I didn’t plan any visual element to the date. So, here’s a link to a mini-documentary about homelessness instead!

The Flash xx

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