Experimental Date One – His Side (Dapper Gent)

Following on from Blonde Ambition’s write-up of Saturday’s date, find out what The Dapper Gent thought of the blog’s first actual ‘Experimental Date’ … Should I be buying a hat any time soon? 😉 

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

My Marathon Date with Blonde Ambition

When I first agreed to write for this blog I really didn’t know what to expect. It was then suggested that Blonde Ambition and myself go on a date and both write about it.

Why not?

As she had openly tweeted she would test if I lived up to my credentials, I thought I had better pull out all the stops.

With the date agreed, I had two things to do – first arrange the date and second do a little research on her.

Luckily for me, Miss Ambition writes her own blog, so one evening I read the lot. Very informative.

I read her thoughts on messaging, games she likes to play, what she liked and disliked about other dates, plus lots more.

One of her games is to not text back and see how the other person reacts.  Me being me I thought two could play that game.

First I didn’t reply for two days to one of her messages and I also decided to ignore her Facebook request.

I later learned on our date this had annoyed her and like a naughty boy I found this funny.

The date itself was broken into four parts,

1. A rib ride down the Thames

2. A 3-hour baking lesson at Rachel’s Kitchen

3. Dinner

4. A Movie at the Electric Cinema

I wanted to start the date with something fun and exciting to break the ice, so the rib tour seemed like a good idea.  I chose the private baking lesson as I knew she likes baking, then dinner to water and feed her considering I was kidnapping her all day, and a relaxed movie in a beautiful old-fashioned cinema.

Before I continue with the date, let’s talk about first impressions.  After reading her blog and talking via irregular messages, I had already formed an opinion of Blonde Ambition.

I remember a conversation with a friend –

Me: I already don’t think she will suit me

Friend: Why not?

Me: She seems like hard work, likes to play games. I don’t like girls that play games

I thought that she was going to be hard work and that she probably thought very highly of herself. Then the night before the date, when she tried to cancel, my heart sank. A lot of work had gone into organising this date.

She agreed to come if I couldn’t replace her so as not to let anyone down.

We agreed to meet at the London eye at 1230 hours.

It was so busy that I thought it would be hard to find each other. I was walking through the crowd to see where we would board the boat and I pretty much bumped into her. She looked really pretty and she was dressed really nicely. One thing that stood out; her hair, I really liked the way she had done it, it looked lovely.

We boarded the rib and off we went. The ride consisted of a fast blast down the river while listen to cheesy music then a slower trip back with the tour guide giving us an amusing account of the history of London. Blonde Ambition sat on the outside of the rib and as we went along she was contently hit in the face by the spray of the river.  She had the last laugh as my seat was soaking and my bum was dripping wet at the end of the ride. This was a good start as an ice-breaker.



Next stop Rachel’s Kitchen (who also taught Miss Twenty-Nine how to make sushi during her 30 Dates Challenge). I had read about her in a number of places and she came highly recommended.

Rachel teaches private classes as well as group classes and a variety of dishes.


I had asked Blonde Ambition if there was anything she would like to learn to bake in one of my first messages, hoping she would think it was curiosity. ‘A Townie’ she replied, so I called Rachel and asked if she could teach us to make townies. Rachel agreed, and I asked her to pick a second item for us to bake.

It worked well as a date idea because it was relaxed and having a third person to add to the conversation kept it interesting. There was some light-hearted competition between us – forget British Bake Off, this was the British Date Off! Sadly I lost, have a guess at which one is mine in the photo!


Time for dinner and I had planned to take Blondie to a Mexican Restaurant which Rachel had recommended. We were given directions and off we went. Chatting away and walking for some time we realised we had no idea where we were. We’d gone the wrong way and after some more time we found a tube station. We hopped on the tube and got to the place we were looking for, only to change our mind and decided to go to Notting Hill for dinner. We got the tube back in the direction we’d just come and laughed about the situation. In Notting Hill we found a lovely little place called the Organic Restaurant, where we had a lovely dinner and drinks.

The last stop was the Electric Cinema. I’ve always wanted to visit the cinema and Blonde Ambition told me it was also on her bucket list. We arrived at the cinema and I asked for my tickets.

Sorry Sir you haven’t got any!

After checking my reference number, we realised I’d booked the tickets for Monday and the cinema fully booked. Now I felt stupid – she was looking forward to this. In the end the helpful cinema staff gave me the house seats. If they ever read the blog; Thank you! You saved the day!


The Date lasted nearly thirteen hours and Blondie was nothing like my first impression.  She was lovely – easy to get along with and funny. The time flew by and before I knew it I was taking her home in a taxi.

Just to clarify I dropped her off and continued home in the taxi!

I had a great day and it was very much due to her. Thanks for a great day Blonde Ambition.

Dapper Gent 

2 Comments on Experimental Date One – His Side (Dapper Gent)

  1. Really enjoyed those two posts, and it’s really nice to see that there are guys out there who will take time to plan a date and really try to make a girl enjoy their time together.
    It would almost bring hope to a cynic like me! (almost)

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