Follow the Experimental Daters on Twitter

If you want more than the occasional post from your favourite ED, you can now follow the Experimental Daters and their various experiments live on Twitter !

Check out Twitter for insider knowledge, extra info about some of the dates, live Tweeting from dates, and competitions!

The 30 Dates Blog is @30Dates and you can find the following Daters at the accounts below –

Blonde Ambition – @keechycakes

Champagne Hero – @champagnehero

Dapper Gent – @DapperGent30Ds

Fader – @Fader30Dates

The Flash – @TheFlash_30

Miss 32 – @Miss_32__

New Realist – @TheNewRealist30

Rebound Gal – @ReboundGal

Rock Chick – @RockChick30Ds

Ruby – @30DatesRuby

Southern Belle – @MsSBelle_30Ds

The Student – @TheStudent_30


Tabula Rasa – @tabularasa4141

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