Probably the Most Awkward Date Moment Ever …

Remember my First Date of Christmas, Mr Mauve?  Well, as we both have busy schedules over the next couple of weeks, we scheduled an impromptu second date just two days later (i.e. last night) at my old local pub quiz.

I won’t go into details about the date (it was a pretty standard pub quiz!).  What I do need to tell you about, is my drive home!

I’ve said several times in the past few months that my ‘love’ life this year has been unbelievable, but last night really took the biscuit – with arguably the most embarrassing moment of my adult life.

Over the couple of weeks before we first met, Mr Mauve had chatted about ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ – a guilty pleasure we share.  So when the pub quiz ended at 10.15, and we realised there was still over an hour left of the TV show, I (very slickly!) suggested he come back to mine to watch the show.  (40-odd dates in, check out these moves ….!)

In case that sarcasm isn’t obvious, I promise what’s to come is FAR from slick!

When he admitted to not knowing where the village I live in is, I offered to lead the way, even making a joke that he’d have to remind me to slow down.

‘Are you a bit of a boy racer?‘ he quipped.  I didn’t say no …

I’ve lived in Reading all my life.  And driven around Reading since I passed my test almost thirteen years ago.  And I’ve never had a speeding ticket in my entire life …. Right up until last night!

Showing off a bit, and in a hurry to get back to I’m a Celebrity …. (yes, I am mortified for several reasons!) …. I sped of.

Now, this is not an excuse, and I do neither condone, nor endorse, speeding or dangerous driving.  If anything, recent (appallingly ironic) circumstances, the very same day as my second date, should teach us all that even the most experienced drivers make mistakes. (R.I.P. Paul Walker)  But, essentially what I did was drive down a very wide, deserted road, at the edge of a residential area, which used to be a 40 mile an hour zone.

It isn’t any more.

And for that reason I shouldn’t have been driving over 30 miles an hour.

And because I was driving over 30 miles an hour, a police car spotted me over 200 metres away … clocked my speed, and appeared out of nowhere, emerging from a dark lay-by.

I slowed as soon as I saw it, but it was too late.  My heart sank.

The lights flashed on, and with Mr Mauve still dutifully following me, I was forced to pull over at the side of the road.

I then spent the next fifteen minutes of our second date sitting in the back of a police car, receiving a caution, three points on my licence, and a rather humbling telling off!


Ten minutes in, one of the officers decided to go and tell my ‘other half what was going on’.  At which point I was forced to awkwardly admit that I was on a second date!  At least the police officers had a laugh (and the whole thing was filmed on in-car camera!).

I’m not sure what stung more.  The £100 fine, the knowledge I’ll have three points on my license for the forseeable future, or the fact that Mr Mauve had witnessed it all.

Genuinely mortifying.

I finally climbed back into my car, red-faced, and drove back to my flat at a snail’s pace.

We missed most of I’m a Celebrity, and my police caution and general mortification put a pretty swift end to the date.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again ….

I genuinely couldn’t make this stuff up!

Please drive safely.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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