#WednesdayDatingClub Tale!

When we last heard from Mister Mischief he was struggling to get any answers to his online advances … however he has finally had some success – and it resulted in a bonafide date! 
Remember you can also join the #WednesdayDatingClub by simply organising a date on a Wednesday evening, safe in the knowledge that the 30 Dates crew are all in the exact same boat.
Get out there! 
Miss Twenty-Nine xxx
After reading Miss Twenty-Nine’s Second Date of Christmas at WInter Wonderland, I decided to make it one of my own winter date venues.  And so when so when ‘The Doctor’ responded to my first email on OkCupid I already knew where I wanted to go.
No not Doctor Who …. ‘My’ Doctor is a PhD student.
The Start – 
Me: Hello 🙂
Dr: Heya! How are you doing?
I was completely surprised.  Normally most girls have some elaborate statement on their profile claiming to inundated with this kind of opener and how boring it is. Clearly this girl was a bit more reasonable.
So we got chatting. I found out she’s a PhD student in London. She likes music that I used to like when I was younger and also likes something called Afrobeats which I later realise is something I’ve heard at various Ghanain weddings and parties. Think: Dbanj and Azonto. Not what you’ll find on my iPod, but still it’s common ground.
After all the online chat I gave her my number and asked her to text if she fancied a date. Things looked positive when the following day I got a text from. She liked the idea of Winter Wonderland and had been the previous year so it was all good.
I always like to hear a girl’s voice before turning up on a date and I’ve tend to be better at one-to-one chats. Plus I feel if you can connect with just a voice then the rest should just fall into place so long as you find each other attractive physically.
So the weekend before our date I decide to ask her to call (rather than calling myself).
I was nursing the most savage hangover from an impromptu night at Tiger Tiger with a few old pals – turns out multiple JD and cokes preceeded by a bottle of ginger wine is a bad idea!
The text I sent to her was somewhat influenced by remnants of alcohol in my system.
She mocked me for seeming a little bit desperate in the text:
“Pleeeeeeaaase call me now! I really want to hear your voice”
However she gave in after a little bit of coaxing and when she called I liked the sound of her voice. We had a
fun little chat and the ice was broken so I knew the date wouldn’t be too awkward.
Mission Accomplished!
The Date –
I turned up at Hyde Park Corner after a long day at work. I was excited because I had a date and because it was my last day of work for the rest of the year.  If translated to words, the grin on my face would have said ‘winning’!
She called to tell me she’d arrived. I crossed over to her side of the road and we walked through the entrance. It turned out she’s 5ft4 but wearing wedges looked 5ft6 … crap, I knew I forgot to check something on her profile – height!! Ah well such is life.
A few mulled wines later she tried to coax me onto a ride that would make me cry. I politely declined stating my fear of heights – she mocked me and pleaded but I didn’t give in.
What’s worse, I remember thinking, that she thinks I’m a big girl’s blouse for crying or she thinks I’m no fun for not going on the ride?  Rock and a hard place but my fear of height made me resolute!
We walked around attempting a few games – which I failed at, so she didn’t get a cuddly toy. Those games are either rigged or I have poor hand eye co-ordination … obviously not the latter.
I got peckish so we stopped at the Bavarian hut for spicy german sausage.  The hut turns out to be massive if you venture inwards past the brockvurst stand. Lured in by live music we found a perch and began dad-dancing to the cheesy music.
At one point during the dad-dance she gave me a “what the hell is that?!” look. Meanwhile I continued to gyrate and thrust in her direction, mimicking a night fever dance thing which is being projected on the screen in front of the stage with the band.
Girls love my epic / lecherous dance moves.
Last orders were called but she declined another drink so we left before the anticipated mad rush/  mass exodus.
Nice moonlit walk back to Oxford circus via a waffle shop. We sat and fed each other ice cream and waffles with cream. Efforts at the gym this week went down the drain with each bite but I didn’t mind so much.
Goodbyes were said at the Central Line – we only hugged.
“Call me and don’t be a stranger” is the last thing I hear.
Conclusions – 
1) Some girls won’t mind if you start the email chain with just a “Hello”
2) Winter Wonderland is massive and would take more than a couple of hours to properly enjoy the whole park s be warned if you take a date there – plan a route to make the most of it.
3) Sharing food is always romantic, always!
About the girl – 
A bit taller and a prettier face in person would have made her perfect.
Nice girl, will probably see her again since she is fun but I don’t think she’s the One.
The search continues

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