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The idea of inviting Experimental Daters to contribute to the blog is a simple one – to add a whole range of different voices, and truly allow 30 Dates to represent the dating community as a whole.  You may have noticed I’ve slowed down a bit introducing the final couple of EDs, and the delay is premeditated.  I’ve had lots of incredible people contacting me about writing for the blog, but I wanted to make sure the Experimental Daters are as diverse a dating community as possible.  A lot of those of you who have applied to be Experimental Daters remind me far too much of me!  Which I don’t think is a bad thing 🙂 but does limit the variety of voices on the blog.

However this morning on Twitter, Urban Vox contacted me, and I realised quickly that he had something different to add to the 30 Dating Experiments.  Vox is the first Dater to join the team who’s been married, and is now single.  But there’s more to Vox than being a divorcé, as I’m sure he will tell you himself!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Blog Name:  UrbanVox

Twitter Account: @urbanvox

Age: 33

Location: London… Here… There… Anywhere

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight male

Religion: None

Height: 5’ 11″ (180cm)

Body Type: Chunky Monkey… But in a good way.

Job: Blogger, Photographer, Social Media Consultant

Education: Life student having started 6 different degrees and finishing none that mattered.

Hobbies: Cooking (I’m a bit of a foodie), travelling, Photography, Driving Fast

Ideal Partner: Sense of humour is key. Adventurous (in more ways than one), Kind, Intelligent and caring.

Longest Relationship: I was married for 7 years

Why do you think you’re single? Ever heard of Don Quixote de la Mancha? That’s my story. I am a knight in shining (well… very battered at this point) armour, always ready to save the damsel in distress. The bigger the challenge, the more I am attracted to it.

I usually manage to save the damsel.  And it usually burns me out.  No happy endings for me. Deep inside I think I’m the one that needs saving from myself.

Good Relationship Traits: I love with abandon. If in a relationship my heart will always be fully invested in that. I’m told I give awesome cuddles.

Bad Relationship Traits: I’m not very good with boundaries. I am actually quite good at pushing them though… Does it help?

How would you describe the way you date?  As long as we are having a good time together I don’t really mind what we do. I do love to spoil my lady, not necessarily with material things, but with the best that can be offered by life. Intense is a word that could describe it well.

What do you find most attractive in a date? A smile and good chat… Eyes that tell me how she feels.

What do you find least attractive in a date? Indifference…

Best Ever Date: My first date with an ex. She came for lunch at my place. We kissed as soon as she got out of her car… Lunch didn’t happen until much, much later… It started upside down but it felt right… We fit right… Cuddles were perfect.

Worst Ever Date: Don’t think I ever had a bad date… It might sound strange, but I always manage to enjoy myself.

Celebrity Crushes: Not a celebrity kinda guy… I like the real thing… If I had to choose one though would have been Marilyn Monroe… Ah! Jewel Staite!

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