The Sixth Date of Christmas (The Flash)

In case you hadn’t noticed from the last blog, I’m struggling slightly to manage 12 Christmas Dates all by myself … Thank Heavens for Experimental Daters! And yes, you may notice this date took place in Manchester, not London … but you’ll soon realise what they did on the Sixth Date of Christmas can be enjoyed in any city!

The Flash is back with another ‘PICTURES’ inspired date … this time it’s a trip TO the pictures!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

When I signed up to be an Experimental Dater, I thought “going to the Pictures” would make for a slightly different way to explore the PICTURES Experiment category.

But living as we do in an era of 3D films, IMAX and multiplexes, the phrase just doesn’t seem so relevant! I don’t know if I’d feel justified using it before I’m in my seventies, without going to a really old school Picture House!

But maybe, just maybe, it’s acceptable parlance when going to see “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the famously heart-warming Christmas classic.
When I got an unexpected chance for a date just before Christmas with The Christmas Postman, it seemed like a great opportunity to do something festive and Manchester’s independent art house cinema – Cornerhouse, just so happened to be showing this film.
It was a wonderful atmosphere in the packed out venue with some die-hard fans who I’m convinced come to do this as a seasonal tradition every year. I think it was the first time I’ve ever experienced a round of applause at the end of a film! And so in my opinion, the experience definitely counted as ‘going to the Pictures’!

A cinema trip is not generally regarded as a great first date activity, because you spend most of the time not talking, in the dark, staring at a screen. But I wanted to challenge the idea that it can’t be first date option.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it for any first date, but in certain circumstances, it may be a particularly good choice:

1. If you’re on a blind date
I’ve been to the theatre before on a complete blind date, and it worked really well. I had no idea if I’d have anything in common with my date, but was looking forward to it because of the show, and knew if conversation was strenuous there’d be a break from it at least and I’d still get to enjoy some part of the evening! Besides if you do get on, and there’s just not enough time for conversation with your date…well, it’s just an an excuse to arrange a second date, right?

I’d met The Christmas Postman online, so had only seen a small picture and read a short profile. We’d not chatted much apart from arranging the date itself, and so it was essentially blind.  I’d even been thinking through worst-case scenerios on the journey in, involving entirely fake profiles and kidnapping plots (overactive imagination).

We met for a drink beforehand, which was a great chance to work out that his profile wasn’t fake and he was generally who he claimed to be.

In The Postman’s case, we even managed to establish a few mutual friend links during that first drink, which put my mind at rest.

2. If you’re quiet
A cinema date may also be good for certain personalities. I love thinking about personality types and how they relate to dating preferences. I’ve done a number of personality quizzes (INFP, White, Dreamy Idealist if you were wondering). One thing that I always rate highly for is quietness and thoughtfulness.

For first dates, quiet often isn’t ideal though (I’m a pro at creating awkward silences!). I’ve learned to compensate a little and happened to be in the perfect frame of mind on Saturday. Exhausted from two weeks of near constant busyness, I was too tired for deep thoughtfulness and the exhaustion brought out my chattier side.

Even still, I really appreciated the natural pause in the evening that the film gave. It was a chance for me to recollect my thoughts, and hear what my inner INFP was telling me 🙂 By the time the end of the film came, a number of things had come to mind that I wanted to find out about The Postman and we enjoyed another drink and interesting conversation.

The Christmas Postman was also a total gentleman and waited with me for the bus at the end of the evening, which made for more space for relaxed conversation, (and a bit of goofing around).

All in all, a Wonderful film, a wonderful date and a beautiful end to my year of trying to be more proactive in meeting men and dating more!

I don’t know what 2014 may bring … but a second date may be on the cards 🙂
The Flash


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