The Seventh Date of Christmas … a Ghost from Christmas Past!

When I first started this blog, I mentioned that ‘public dating’ wasn’t completely new to me … During my Gap Year, I starred on my Mum’s favourite show … Cilla Black’s Blind Date.

When I first wrote about it, some of you commented that I couldn’t mention I’d been on Blind Date, and not share the clip …

And so, I had the video my parents taped back in the day put onto a DVD, and my incredibly talented sister has edited it down for your viewing …

It’s not pretty!

At the time it went to air, I was working in China.  My Mum called me to tell me how lovely I looked.  More realistically, my friends phoned to tell me ‘it didn’t really look like you’, and ‘you do your hair and make-up a lot better yourself …’

In my sister’s words – I have ‘Dumbo ears’, ‘prostitute lipstick’, and ‘this is the worst I have ever seen you look’!

However, as one of my best friends was quick to point out – at least I’m not looking back at 19 and wishing I still looked like that!

So Merry Christmas guys …. here are my five minutes of naughties dating fame!

As you’ll see from the clips, the guy genuinely meant to pick me, got confused, got rid of me instead, and as a result I missed out on a holiday to Nepal (or ‘nipple’ as the eventual winning girl called it!)

When the episode was filmed, they stopped filming because of the picker’s slip up, and went to the producers to see if he could change his mind, and keep me in the running for the date (in reality the only reason he wanted to choose me was because I was the only girl who could remember her lines first time.  We did several painful shoots for each of the other girls, with him eventually taking the mickey out of them through the screen.)

The producers decided Warren had already made his choice, and so even though he hadn’t seen me, I had to sit back down, and refilm the scene. (Something you can see when he announces my number the second time!)

I thought the whole mistake would be edited out, and when I went back home and told my friends about it all, no one believed me!

However the Blind Date editors left it in, and at least some of my dignity remained intact!

Ironically, Cilla Black can’t even get my name correct as she ushers me off stage, and if you watch carefully, I’m under strict instructions not to touch her face when I air kiss her!

Finally rather amusingly, I’ve spotted Daniel, one of the guys from the ITV2 show towards the end of the clip, on POF recently! So I guess I’m not the only one still single!!!

It’s probably one of the most amusing and embarrassing moments of my life so far, and something which will no doubt find its way into the speeches at my wedding one day!

There are countless highlights for me – my awful dance out, contestant number two describing herself as ‘bright’ after an elongated pause to remember her lines, and Ben’s comment about me offering him some of my banana-flavoured drink, to name but a few!

However, I’m posting it online as a thank you to all of you for reading my dating trials and tribulations over the past six months.  Thanks to your support, the blog has received over 100,000 hits, and I’ve received some really lovely, heart-warming emails from strangers all over the world, and built up a team of Experimental Daters, all in my quest to take the serious side out of dating, and just have a bit of fun!

Merry Christmas guys …. I have a feeling 2014 could be bringing more public humiliation on national television, so watch this space!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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