My Top Ten Posts of the Year (Miss Twenty-Nine)

To round up 2013 on the 30 Dates Blog, I’ve asked the Experimental Daters to choose their ten favourite posts from the blog this year

To kick things off, I’ve chosen my Top Ten.  The Experimental Daters have each contributed to the blog in their own way over the last few months, and I haven’t been able to include all of them in the list, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for each and every one of their contributions.  So thank you guys!  And here’s to many more dating adventures!!

The list below is just a couple of my personal highlights from the first six months of 30 Dates.  I’ve included a couple of my own posts – not because of the posts themselves, but because of the parts of my summer which they represented.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Miss Twenty-Nine’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) The Henley Boy

So I’ll start with my posts, which for me are personal life highlights of the year.  This blog post was the one which set the ball rolling with regards to 30 Dates.  It marked the beginning of the 30 Dates by 30 Challenge, and told a story a huge number of readers related to.  It seems weird how one worthless guy, and three insignificant weeks of my twenties have ended up changing my year completely!  It still amuses me that ‘Henley Boy’ and ‘HB’ have become commonly known phrases in peoples’ dating vernacular!

2) Return of the Henley Boy – Parts One and Two

The craziest, most surreal, evening of my summer.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I can only recommend reading it … I can’t do justice to HB’s shock return, but it had me shaking with fear for hours, and then completely confused for days.

3) The Enigma

Still my best ever date, and the one I tell complete strangers about!  HintHunt, Dans Le Noir, Zetter Townhouse, and one of the funniest, most interesting and fanciable guys I’ve met in long time.  Every girl should have a first date like this at least once in her life! 🙂

4) Breaking the Secrecy Cycle by Northstar

Not only did I love reading Northstar’s story about his decision to come out, but I also found it really interesting to learn about a very different aspect which being gay creates on a first date.

5) On the Rebound by Rebound Gal – 

Rebound Gal talked frankly about re-entering the dating world after a longterm relationship.  Something I’ve never done myself, but have seen a few times from the other side.

6) The Polaroid Date by The Flash – 

The Flash went on a date with a boy, and a Polaroid Camera!  I love the novelty of this date, and the incredible visual results.

7) University Dating by The Student

As someone who remained single my whole way through uni, this post really rang true … and unfortunately reminded me of the way some guys still date, ten years on from Freshers Week!

8) art/love/life by The Mermaid – 

I loved how different this post was to the rest of the blog.  The Mermaid’s artwork is incredible, and it was great to hear the stories behind the paintings.

9) The H-Town Chronicles by Southern Belle

I’m completely hooked on all of Belle’s posts, however this first one had me crying with laughter, and telling all my work colleagues about it!

10) The First Experimental Date – Dapper Gent & Blonde Ambition

The write-ups of this date were a complete shock to me.  Knowing Dapper had spent over £800 putting together this elaborate first date, Blonde Ambition’s reaction took me by complete surprise!  Dapper had called me after the date to tell me how well it went, and Rachel (from Rachel’s Kitchen) also commented how well they had been getting on during their cooking lesson … so I never expected the write-up Blondie submitted!

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