INTERNET – A Tinderella Story – Babies, Wives & Girlfriends

Over the past few months a number of my not-so-single friends have admitted to being jealous that they aren’t single in the ‘Tinder era’. Granted, the app is a lot of fun, and is a good distraction during a dull moment. but it is not without its frustrations, and ‘surprises’.

I’ve separated some of the most ‘interesting’ Tinder pics I’ve come across recently out into various categories …

Bearing in mind the Dating app is based almost solely upon finding a suitor thanks to the self-chosen photographs of yourself, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about some of the photos selected below. In my opinion, a number speak for themselves.

I’ve started with Babies, Wives and Girlfriends. Because scarily A LOT of these kinds of photos appear on Tinder. As one blog follower pointed out on Twitter, it’s interesting how people refuse to put a photograph of themselves on Tinder, but think it’s perfectly acceptable to include ones of their children?

It’s worth also remembering that the app automatically takes your profile picture and age direct from Facebook…

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx





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