My Top Ten Posts of the Year (Northstar)

Final Experimental Dater Top Ten of the night, all the way from Canada!

Thanks Northstar 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Northstar’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) The Woman I Can Only Hope to Be

This post had me reduced to tears at my desk at work.  Having been childhood friends with Miss Twenty-Nine, I know firsthand how wonderful her parents were, and this emotional post affected me deeply.

 2) Parental Expectations by The New Realist

One of the posts on the blog that most struck a chord with me, given my shared experience with the shift in parental expectations that comes with coming out.  Needless to say, they no longer hold ‘traditional’ expectations for my future!

3) Are You Gay? by The New Realist

Another of The New Realist’s posts that I found resonated a lot with me – an excellent article about the anxieties and impracticalities that can come with being gay.  The post also has one of my favourite sentences on the blog, which I’ve now totally stolen to describe closeted men – “whenever a lady caught my eye she would either be taken or so far in the closet she was having dinner with Mr Tumnus“.

 4) The H-Town Chronicles by Southern Belle

I love Southern Belle’s posts, with great writing and compelling stories I always look forward to reading her tales of life in H-Town, and this post is a particular highlight.

5) A Depressingly Common Love Triangle by Southern Belle

Another excellent post by Southern Belle, particularly given that even in this day and age mental health remains a generally taboo subject.  Having been in a relationship with someone who had borderline depressive issues (although to far less of an extent than those described by Belle), I personally found her post to be both impactful and healing.

6) Single Brit Abroad by The Rock Chick

As a single Brit abroad I can relate to everything The Rock Chick describes in this post, particularly gaydar failure!

7) Finding the Ideal You

Should be compulsory reading for anyone who’s feeling anxious about being single.

8) Dating with a Disability – Interview with Paralympic Swimmer Claire Cashmore

An aspect of dating that I’d never considered before, a highly interesting and illuminating article.

9) The Return of the Henley Boy – Part Three

After kicking off the whole blog challenge in the first place, I found the closure from the end of the HB saga particularly compelling!

10) The Fake Pimpernel

The date sounded amazing, and I really liked the sound of the mystery surrounding each activity – definitely gives me something to aspire to in planning a date.


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