My Top Ten Posts of the Year (The Flash)

Following on from my Top Ten posts, and from Mister Mischief’s Top Ten, it’s time to hear about The Flash’s favourite posts (and yes, one of them involved me getting arrested on a date!!! 😛 ) 

Miss Twenty-Nine


The Flash’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) Search For The Christian 

The first post I read from Miss Twenty-Nine, a few months before my own 30th, and what got me hooked on her challenge!

2) Return of the Henley Boy Part Three –

This, to me, WAS the fairytale ending. Maybe not the idealistic one, but a better one. It felt like the journey came full circle, Miss Twenty-Nine finally had closure and a transformed, more confident attitude out of it. And then the introduction of The Airport Guy – perfect! – just like an angel. Hollywood couldn’t write better.

3) The Enigma –

Just sounded like a brilliant date! Would love to try HintHunt.

4) The Woman I Can Only Hope To Be – 

Beautiful testimony to what sounds like an amazing woman.

5) The Christmas Orphan & The Story Box –

Love reading the personal back stories, and gorgeous photos.

6) Probably The Most Awkward Date Moment Ever – 

I tweeted Miss Twenty-Nine after reading this to say that this is the kind of thing I would do!

7) Love vs Lust by Mister Mischief –

So unbelievably crazy. Apparently Mister Mischief is much nicer in real life than his online persona suggests.

(I definitely want to see more mischievious experiments, please MM?)

8. National Geographic by Southern Belle

Hilarious! Love the way SB writes.

9) Experimental Date One – Dapper Gent & Blonde Ambition

I’d secretly love to be as critical as Blondie …if I thought men could handle it (or that I could afford to be as fussy!)

10. Dating with a Disability – Interview with Paralympic Swimmer Claire Cashmore 

As a photographer, I’m intrigued by people’s self-image, and although Claire’s experiences living with a disability is something I’ve never experienced before, self-image is something that affects us all in different ways.  Claire’s wisdom is great on the topic.

The Flash

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