My Top Ten Posts of The Year (The New Realist)

Final blog post of the year … as then I’m heading off to Dapper Gent’s New Year’s Party at his army boy Mansion House 🙂 (and yes …. the Legal Eagle will be there! :S)

So the final words of 2013 from 30 Dates Blog will come from The New Realist … who has a very exciting post to come in the New Year!

You’ll notice she’s done her Top 10 as a Countdown – rather fitting tonight I feel!

Thanks for all your support this year guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog, and that 2013 has been as fun and novel for you as it has been for me and the Experimental Daters. Have an amazing time tonight, and I will see you all in 2014!


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

The New Realist’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

10) Planes, Trains & Automobiles by Miss 32

Dating is hard enough in the first place without having to be in the city. I can barely cope with a full car never mind the bus and the tube and the bustling streets of the capital. You would think that an area such as London would be bursting with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes but actually it seems London, or dating in London, is more hassle than its worth. Rather you then me Miss 32!!

9) National Geographic by Southern Belle –

After reading The H-Town Chronicles, Southern Belle’s next post had me in stitches yet again. It is good to know that no matter where you are in the world, we all have the same expectations and disappointments from the wonderful world of internet dating!

8) Delete, Block, Goodbye by Tabula Rasa

Many lesbians that I have met will often jump straight into bed with someone on the first date. More often than not within a few hours, and hey there are some who don’t even need a date! However, there are still a few ‘gentleman-like’ women who wish to wait and get to know someone but Tabula Rasa’s blog reflects perfectly those people who think they are automatically entitled to a little bit of nookie from these dating necessities.

7) TinderTown by The Enigmatic Flaneur –

Having never used Tinder before apart from secretly liking some weird-looking extrovert for my friends (!) this was a good little insight into one of the ever-developing apps that is taking over the underworld of dating.

6) The Wednesday Dating Club –

The #WednesdayDatingClub is fantastic! Although I don’t always get round to blogging, it’s a brilliant way to make sure Elly and I get some ‘together time’ around her shifts and actually have some fun.

Miss Twenty-Nine’s vlog was brilliant too… it was really nice to actually see who started all of this!

5) Picture This! by The Flash –

How to look at dating from another perspective. An avid photographer myself, I loved the way The Flash linked her view on dating to photography. More specifically through the term ‘Appreciator of Beauty’. Just because we appreciate the way something looks doesn’t mean we are shallow…. Or are we?

4) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway….Sort Of! by Kink –

One of my favourites, purely because I too have ‘no chat’

3) The Seventh Date of Christmas…..a Ghost from Christmas Past!

I wont lie I did have a good giggle at the recent discovery of Miss Twenty-Nine’s stint on TV. My favourite part of this particular blog had to be the unmistakable words of a sister ‘Dumbo ears, prostitute lipstick and this is the worst you have ever looked’. Priceless!

2) Going the Distance by The Champagne Hero

This post brought back a lot of memories.

Before moving down south I spent a year travelling 500 miles (round trip) every weekend to visit my ‘then’ girlfriend. I must admit……I am so happy that it was a one time experience.

1) Probably the Most Awkward Date Moment Ever

I don’t think I need to explain why I loved this post. As much as I hate the fact I am laughing at Miss Twenty-Nine’s misfortune this was a Mastercard moment…..PRICELESS!! I have had some major embarrassing date moments but nothing tops this. Maybe we should all take note and start living life in the slow lane?! …………………Never!!

The New Realist

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