My Top Ten Posts of the Year (Southern Belle)

Belle has left H-Town for the festive season, and sent this list of her favourite posts over from Thailand.

Having featured on most of the Top 10 lists so far, it’s time to see which ten posts Belle picks as her favourites from 2013.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Southern Belle’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) Finding the Ideal You –

How many times have the relationships we’ve been in, or people in our lives, changed who we are? I know I’m guilty of letting little bits of myself slip away at times, so I think the motto for 2014 for all the ED’s out there – official or otherwise – should be to focus on becoming more true to themselves and doing what makes them happy.

2) Breaking the Secrecy Cycle by Northstar –

I’ve never had to deal with the types of obstacles to dating that someone from the LBT community would have to. For me, Northstar’s first post was insightful and educational. It’s hard to write about such personal aspects of your life to thousands of strangers and I think he nailed it!

3) Diving in at the Deep End by Rebound Gal – 

Rebound Girl and I are in very similar places right now and I love all her posts – her ED introduction was actually the thing that made me (after a couple of large glasses of wine) write to Miss Twenty Nine :). Her first post-relationship date had everything in it that I’m have felt/ am feeling right now and I’m just really proud of her (is that weird?!) for keeping going and being open to experiences and opportunities.

I’m going to buy her a really big drink in January at our Experimental Dater night out!

4) Experimental Date – His Side by Dapper Gent –

I know a lot of people really liked Blonde Ambition’s write up of the first ED pair up and I get it – if you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it.

Kudos here though: the effort and time spent planning a date specific to her, for her, around her likes and dislikes is pretty intense and clearly DapperGent wanted it to be perfect for her.

Reading his account was a bit like watching a horror film where you already know that everyone dies at the end – uncomfortable but you just want to see how it happened. So hats off to Dapper for a thoughtful first date and a gentlemanly write up.

5) Probably the Most Awkward Date Moment Ever –

BWAHAHAHAHAAH! You have to love the fact Miss Twenty Nine actually live tweeted her arrest. Just saying. Committed to the blog.

(Miss Twenty-Nine interjects …. I hate you all!!! 😛 )

6) Experimental Date Three by Mister Mischief & Fader

Who doesn’t love it when a prior bad first impression is completely transformed? I think this was a very sweet and completely perfect first date that left the two of them (seemingly?) wanting more!

7) Experimental Date Two by Rebound Gal & TOWTS –

Rebound Gal & TOWTS’s write-ups were awesome and just the sweetness needed to get over the somewhat disastrous first ED pair up. Laughed repeatedly at Rebound Gal’s attempts at covert photography and the subsequent picture!

8) The Return of Henley Boy – Part 3 – 

I think I was probably in the minority of female readers of the blog when I say Henley Boy was always a bit of a villain to me. A very wise lady once told me “If a man likes a woman, there’s nothing keeping him away“. Doesn’t matter how many excuses, scenarios and circumstances you throw at it – I once had an ex step outside his tent in Afghanistan to Skype me to let me know he was ok. Miss Twenty Nine’s realisation that this guy was in reality a bit of a prick was perfectly timed.

9) Delete, Block, Goodbye by Tabula Rasa –

I was surprised not to see DBG go completely viral on twitter. As the recipient of several unwelcome “self-love” videos, I laughed out loud reading Tabula Rasa’s reaction to it. The Boat guy though? Wow. In the States, guys are just a little more … southern about the whole thing. And I’ve decided I like that!

10) The Woman I Can Only Hope to Be – 

Miss Twenty-Nine always writes beautifully but I think more importantly for me, has beautiful memories of her parents and the love that they had for each other. Knowing that love and what it looks like is a blessing and I hope she holds out for it herself.

Southern Belle 

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