My Top Ten Posts of the Year (The Student)

Having spent a great deal of the last six months staying up til 3am, regardless of what time I started work the next day, all in the name of the blog, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw what time The Student sent in her blog post this morning.  A true protégée in the making! 😉 

The Student joins Mister Mischief, The Flash & Northstar, by looking back over her Top Ten favourite 30 Dates blog posts of 2013 …

Thanks lovely,

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

The Student’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) The Woman I Can Only Hope To Be –

I know this has been a popular one after viewing the Top Tens of other Experimental Daters, but it’s popular for a reason! Clearly, we’ve all responded to the honesty and bravery of Miss Twenty-Nine that comes across in this post, and in every post she writes, I have boundless respect for Miss Twenty-Nine for writing this post and so there is no contest for a favourite here.

2) The Challenger – 

This is my favourite of the 30 Dates Challenge as it was absolutely lovely to read about Miss Twenty-Nine having what seemed like her first good date since the infamous Henley Boy. This seventh date hinted at the potential the challenge had of allowing Miss Twenty-Nine to meet people that could be massively important to her, as some have become to be (TOWTS, Enigma, Airport Guy, Best Man, you get the idea…), and the wonderful feeling that we could witness a romance unfold online!

3) Experimental Date Three – by Mr Mischief and Fader

These Experimental Dates are great as it’s not often we get a frank post-date download from both sides and these posts from Mischief and Fader were my favourites from this aspect of the blog. It might be because I’m becoming endlessly intrigued by Mischief’s split personality that is coming across!! Having met none of the guest bloggers, Mischief is fast becoming the most indefinable so to hear Mischief’s opinion on the date was great and Fader’s opinion on him even more so!

 4)  I Kissed A Boy… by Rock Chick –

We always have the capacity to be surprised by ourselves and our behaviour, and Rock Chick spoke honestly about being surprised and confused by the path that her lips had chosen. As some of the other bloggers have spoken about, sexuality can be a sensitive and difficult subject, coming out of the closet is hard but what about venturing back in? Rock Chick explained how it was okay to be uncertain about these things, even if we’ve felt certain for a long time, we can always surprise ourselves. It’s good, it’s healthy.

5) National Geographic! by Southern Belle –

This post was a hilarious insight to what can be the ridiculous world of dating. It was a roller coaster of crazy online exchanges and real life bizarre situations. Dating can be stressful and intense at times but this post proved that by simply looking at it from another angle makes the dating world just a whole lot of fun!

6) The Return of the Henley Boy – Part One –

I think we can all relate – we’ve all met someone that’s just stunned us. No matter how much time passes, if you haven’t had that explanation or closure, you just can’t escape them. This post honestly dealt with this chick-flick hits reality moment – if it were a chick-flick HB would turn out to be a good-for-nothing player who wasn’t worth Miss Twenty-Nine’s time – and reality dictates that there’s more to things than you realise…

7) The Return of the Henley Boy – Part Two

And there was more to it. Unlike a chick-flick resolution Miss Twenty-Nine and HB had an adult conversation and enjoyed each other’s company again before HB explained his reasons for ending things. This post was closure, pure and simple, no fuss. Anyway, Miss Twenty-Nine still had ten more dates to go on so quit rolling those credits!!

8)  The 30 Dates Challenge in Photos –

These posts were just a fabulous tangible and visual reminder of what an awesome and inspiring challenge Miss Twenty-Nine gave herself. It’s amazing to think that one little idea has spread into so much and allowed Miss Twenty-Nine to meet so many interesting people and experience much more of the UK and the world than she had before. Very jealous.

9) I Dated a Christian and I Liked It –

Religion has always been a tricky and sensitive subject when it comes to dating. Even without religion in the mix, people have different expectations, ambitions and priorities, which is what makes finding that perfect person so damn difficult! But if you add religion you’ve opened a whole new can of worms. But this post proved that that’s not necessarily true, that’s merely a perception: you can share the same values and ideals without sharing a religious view. Religion doesn’t have to be that awkward game changer to a relationship, and shouldn’t be.

10) – 29

Miss Twenty-Nine’s post began discussing some of the negativity that her blog has caused in her own dating life, and is a favourite as I feel it’s applicable to dating as a whole. These potential dates put Miss Twenty-Nine in a box after hearing about her blog and so altered how they treated her. She suddenly became a business transaction of sorts. How inhumane! This can happen to anyone – you can be disregarded because of height, age, race, disability, religion, politics; all manner of things. Sometimes we just need to let our guards down and try to listen to people’s points of views and see if we connect beyond these, often, superficial traits. Then we can achieve world peace… or just date. Whichever.

Happy New Year!

The Student 

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