My Top Ten Posts of The Year (The Rock Chick)

Happy New guys!  I hope you all had fun seeing in 2014 …

The astute amongst you will realise I’m posting rather late tonight, following my ‘afternoon’ #WednesdayDatingClub date … more on that tomorrow!

First, a retrospective on 2013, care of The Rock Chick …

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

The Rock Chick’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

I spent a few enjoyable of hours reminiscing with the 30 Dates Blog. I came up with a list of 21 posts, all of which would be worthy of any Top 10. I decided, in the interests of space, to restrict myself to a maximum of one from an Experimental Category, and to avoid the ‘big hitters’ (e.g. The assorted Returns of Henley Boy, Enigma, Southern Belle’s dating tour de forces…). Instead, here’s my ‘slightly alternative top 10’ (though many of them have already made at least one list), in order of date published.

1) Stitch – 

This is a post from early in the challenge, and highlights one of the clear ‘flaws’ in the challenge, if you can put it that way – the fact that the Miss Twenty-Nine’s dates were bound to be, to some extent, self-selecting. Miss Twenty-Nine deals with this issue, as with those arising throughout the blog, with a great deal of integrity and honesty. Plus it has some nice piccies of Bristol, my former home 🙂

2) Dating Out of Your Depth –

At the time, I didn’t agree with this post. But despite this (or perhaps because of it), I found it thought-provoking. Later on this feeling was part of my motivation for signing up as an ED, a decision I frequently question, but don’t (yet) regret!

3) The Look of Love? – Shhh dating – 

AWKWARD! Just, no…

4) The Polaroid Date by The Flash – 

Couldn’t resist this one (despite arguably being a ‘big hitter’), because of the novelty factor, and because I’m a sucker for arty photos. Great job Flash 😉

5) Yoga Pub Dating by TOWTS – 

I dislike yoga. I find it spectacularly painful! But again I love the novelty of the date idea, and enthusiasm with which TOWTS approached the challenge…

6) Delete, Block, Goodbye by Tabula Rasa – 

There are lots of reasons why dating can be hard work (though this blog has done a good job of persuading me that it can be fun!), and this is one of them…

7) TinderTown by The Enigmatic Flaneur –

There have been lots of great posts in the category ‘single’. This one is an apt, insightful post, well written.

8) The Woman I Can Only Hope To Be –

I know I’m supposed to be steering away from the ‘big hitters’, but I have to include this in my Top 10, since it had me close to tears. Along with Goldilocks and the Fairytale Couple, this post epitomises Miss Twenty-Nine’s commitment to the blog.

9) Are You Gay? by The New Realist

Well, quite. 😉

10) A Depressingly Common Love Triangle by Southern Belle

Another very touching post, and someone else writing with clarity, sensitivity, and honesty about an extremely personal topic.

Happy New Year / Glückliches neues Jahr!

Rock Chick

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