My Top Ten Posts of the Year (The Coincidental Dater)

I’m not gonna lie, we run a tough ship here at 30 Dates.  Five minutes in, and I’ve already got The Coincidental Dater writing a blog post!  Since she’s been reading the blog from almost the very beginning, I thought she was a good candidate to write the final round-up of 2013 on the blog.

Here are her top ten posts of last year!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

The Coincidental Dater’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) The Woman I Can Only Hope to Be –

I know a few of the other ED’s have singled this blog out too but it has certainly stayed with me since I read it. It needs no words.

 2) The Wednesday Dating Club –

It’s inspired some of my single friends all across the globe, getting them off their sofas and making a better attempt to date! Also I love the fact that so many of the posts have been communicated in different forms from The Wednesday Dating Club’s YouTube clip to Polaroid, art and sketches and that’s without evening mentioning the varied perspectives of dating.

3) A Depressingly Common Love Triangle by Southern Belle – 

I love Southern Belle’s posts and her style of writing is so beautiful and makes for addictive reading. I particularly loved Confessions of a Newfound Serial Dater but like Miss Twenty-Nine’s The Woman I Can Only Hope to Be I think this post about depression is incredible powerful and moving and I can’t imagine how hard it is to share something so personal and emotional in words with the blog followers.

4)  The Fake Pimpernel –

I think this is around the time I started missing my tube stops all too regularly due to being engrossed in the blog!

5) Experimental Date One – His Side by Dapper Gent –

I love the insight that one person can see a date so entirely differently to another person. Read his closing remark…a true gent!

6) The One With The Sign –

This is when I first started reading the blog. Re-reading now as one of the earliest posts it shows how much Miss Twenty-Nine’s blog and her view on dating has progressed. The classic pub-drinks-date format has been challenged and replaced with a variety of imaginative and exciting activities. Who cares how dull your date turns out to be?! It’s certainly inspired me!

7) Probably the Most Awkward Date Moment Ever – 

…. tears of laughter… sorry 🙂

8) Just a Number by Epiphany –

I’ll drink to that!

9) The Henley Boy –

“Cheshire Cat”…been there….looking forward to being there again one day!

10) Lost in Translation? by The Rock Chick – 

….arrrrghhhh dating is hard enough without the language barrier!!!

The Coincidental Dater 

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