Celebrating the Six Month Anniversary in Style!

Today marks the six month anniversary of the 30 Dates Blog, and it has definitely been an interesting journey!

I made a joke the other day about having had a longer relationship with this blog than most guys I’ve ever dated … and it’s not far off!

In the last six months, I’ve met literally hundreds of single guys – when you factor in all the singles events we’ve attended as part of the blog.  I’ve had some of the best dates of my life, some of the most exciting adventures, and fallen head over heels in love with all that London has to offer.  I’ve travelled the world, and made countless friends, as well as rekindling friendships with people I haven’t seen for years who became hooked on the tales of my 30 Dates.

Yes, I’ve had my heart and my ego bruised along the way … but no one could ever accuse me of not being honest!

I guess there’s some irony in the fact that for the first time in six months, I’m not currently actively dating!  Following a couple of rather good dates with Mr SC, I’ve taken myself off Tinder and Plenty of Fish, and rather vulnerably testing if sometimes in dating you just have to go with your gut … 😀

Today marked a couple of other rather cool landmarks for the blog.

This evening the blog not only hit 110,000 views … but it also received its first ever award!

In its UK Dating Awards 2014, the website Online Dating Help awarded 30 Dates ‘Best Dating Blog’ of the year!

I’m really glad the blog has touched and amused so many people over the past half a year … who would have thought being treated like crap by some obscure guy would lead to all this!!

So thank you everyone who has been a part of this crazy journey … and lets see what the next six months have to offer!

Finally,as you may have noticed in Rebound Gal’s last post, this week The Experimental Daters have our Christmas Party, so hopefully we can celebrate all their contributions to the blog.  Without them all, the blog wouldn’t be half the dating archive it has become, and wouldn’t be able to carry on, if I were to possibly, maybe ditch my ‘S’ plates sometime in the future! 😉

Fingers crossed!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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