What Happened After Experimental Date Number Two … (The Rebound Gal)

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I sent The Rebound Gal and TOWTS off on an Experimental Date.  If I’m completely honest, I had really high hopes for the date.  Both Experimental Daters had mentioned to me that they liked the other, and so I figured I had a real shot at playing Cilla by sending the pair of them off to review Drink Feast.

By the time I posted their simultaneous write-ups, a new development had occurred, however I didn’t feel at liberty to spill the beans.  However The Rebound Gal asked to get a couple of 30 Dates homes truths off her chest before the Experimental Dater Christmas Party this Friday ….

I told you there had been some dramatic developments!  I guess that’s the reality of dating and single life … everything can change in an instant …

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

As I think about getting ready for THE Experimental Daters’ post-Christmas Xmas Party on Friday, I feel I should get what happened at our mini pre-Christmas party off my chest.

We had an extra catch-up before Christmas for a couple of the EDs who couldn’t make the January event.  It was great to get together, and to meet Kink for the first time.

Miss32 and I agreed to meet beforehand, as I wanted to chat to her about my date with TOWTS the previous Saturday.

Ok …. so I had a great time on my date, and yes, I quite fancied TOWTS!

As a result, I spent most of my time with Miss32 telling her all this! After our chat, we met up with Mister Mischief, Kink and TOWTS at Liverpool St and went to grab a bite to eat. I was sat beside TOWTS and we were getting on really well.

After our dinner we wandered over to The Breakfast Club. Whilst waiting to go in to the fridge, we started on the Jägerbombs! We went downstairs and had a couple of delish cocktails, and then Mr Mischief suggested that we head to Revolution.

On the way over, having had a couple of drinks, I took my opportunity to steal a kiss from TOWTS. Yep, totally worth it! Still fancied him!

We arrived at Revs and started as we meant to go on, by ordering two trays of shots between the five of us.

With all of us a bit drunk, the night took a turn for the worse …

Trying to give TOWTS some space, I began talking to a Nice Guy outside of our group.  I know what I’m like and sometimes I can get a bit clingy (!), so figured it was the best approach.

Off I went to the loo, and on my return, what did I see over Nice Guy’s shoulder, but Miss32 and TOWTS kissing at the bar.

What I will say, is that I’m glad Nice Guy was there, otherwise the night might have ended very badly.

I was dragged off to one side, and talked down by Mr Mischief and Kink, both of whom were shocked by what had happened.

I’m not really sure who I was more annoyed with!

TOWTS, who not only knew I liked him, but who I’d kissed that very same night.

Or Miss32, who is my friend, and who I’d spent most of the night talking about how I felt about TOWTS to.

I saw that TOWTS was trying to make a swift exit. I was just a little bit too slow and didn’t catch him, but Miss32, looking slightly regretful, told me to go and find him.

The next part felt like a movie … just without the happy ending!

It was pouring with rain outside.  I ran through the streets, and managed to catch up with TOWTS. We stood, having a heart to heart in the rain. He apologised for kissing us both (he said he shouldn’t have kissed either of us) and we talked about how I was feeling and how I’d let my guard down.  Something I haven’t really done since my last relationship.

Although I was upset, what TOWTS said made sense.

If I’m honest, you’ll have to talk to him about what he said.  All I can remember is that is made me feel much happier, and we left our movie moment in the rain on much happier terms!

I decided that I should go home.  There was nothing I really wanted to say to anyone at that point, so I took myself off.

The next day, I got in touch with Miss32. She didn’t remember what had happened and was massively shocked and apologetic when I filled her in.

Now I don’t want to upset people but I have to be honest.

I am still friends with both TOWTS and Miss32 but I don’t think I can completely trust them.

I hope that this doesn’t spoil our night out on Friday, I’m really looking forward to it and, if I’m honest, I wanted to draw a line under all the craziness that happened last time!

So here’s to a good night!

Rebound Gal


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