#WednesdayDatingClub Tale

Urban Vox has been a busy boy this week … here’s how his Wednesday Dating Club date went! (I’ll give you a clue … his first dates move a lot more quickly and intensely than most!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

When we talk dating, I’m used to being the one who always takes the initiative.

But I am most definitely not put off when a woman takes the initiative with me. Yes, it loses a little bit of the fun that comes with the chase (come on, you gotta admit that is one of the most fun bits), but as I said… this year, I’ve decided to try new things.

So here we go.  Enter The She Wolf.

I met her last year at a Travel Bloggers event. She is a journalist and was invited by a mutual friend to come and see what we were all about. Now I don’t usually go out with women much older than me, this is actually quite a recent development.  Until a couple of years ago, I always dated women younger than me.  The She Wolf is, however, ten years older than me. Quite the attractive woman though, intelligent with street smarts…. It is these smarts, and her looks, which help here fit right in there as “my type”.

Funnily enough, I was first told I had a type just a a few minutes before the She Wolf arrived for our coffee date on Wednesday.

After the day I’d had, I needed some cheering up… ln fact, I’d almost called the whole thing off at one point, after listening to a street artist singing a song that hit a particular soft spot. However my friends persuaded me otherwise.

She arrived a few minutes later than what we’d agreed.

We sat and started talking over coffee. I had hoped it would be a good laugh as we have some similar interests –  travelling, movies etc… but some time within the first fifteen minutes the topic veered towards exes. I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the topic, and I realised why I felt uncomfortable.

My date was stuck in a loop of negativity so great that it began to feel palpable.

I heard how she hasn’t had sex in two years and yet how she spent a good part of those two years in a relationship of sorts with someone she loved with a passion. I got to hear how frustrating it was and how it all ended before it actually started.

It will sound bad of me but I actually considered a the possibility of just going with it and seeing if it ended up in bed …

However, there was one thing that made me hit the brakes hard.

She admitted that she does the same thing I do (as I admitted in my first post) and jumps straight into relationships.  She also has a jealous side to her, that unfortunately is a big no no for someone to be with me.

Hell, most of my best of friends are women (and all gorgeous in their own way).

Most of the photoshoots I do nowadays are nude, or Glamour/Boudoir or Fetish-oriented and I’ve decided I am not dropping work I love doing because of a woman again.

There is also the fact that I have decided I am not joining another full fledged relationship until further notice.

I simply can’t do that, and as my exes told me so bluntly (again… see the my first post at 30 Dates) I need to “date more”, so in the foreseeable future I will be stepping away from anything involving the R word… Unless of course authorised and encouraged by Chip and Dale – my wingmen.

Now comes the funny bit.

Somehow, somewhere and at some point during the evening (and after stepping back from a few advances) I managed to set her up on a date with Dale!

I know for a fact that he had a thing for her a while ago, and I actually know from Dale that she has tried her luck with him a few times… Match made in heaven.

Indecent proposals were still made before the night was over. In all honesty… kudos for her.  I’m all about women taking the initiative and all that… But my mind wasn’t there and neither was my heart… So my body wouldn’t be either.

Conclusion: I might suck at the dating game thing, but Hell, I’m an awesome Cupid!

Who knows what happens next?  Maybe next time… Until then, I keep searching.

Carpe Diem

Urban Vox 

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