EXPECTATIONS – Breed Disappointment :( (The Rock Chick)

Adding to the international feel of the evening, Belle began the night with an update from the States, and Rock Chick rounds it up with her latest dating news from Switzerland,  Her post touches on a topic that’s been prevalent across the posts this month – Vulnerability – and as a result I think she may need some love over Twitter after this post 😦

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

So, the last few days were the first time in a while, and I mean, a long, long while, that I let myself like someone. Or is ‘letting oneself like someone’ how it really works? Do you ever actually have a choice in the matter?

Regardless, I am left wondering why I bothered… at least, why I bothered getting excited.

Why did I let my expectations be raised?


A dating related revelation I had in the last weeks:

Dating has been good for me. I met two complete strangers, and both were extremely nice, complementary even. I’ve become friends with one, the other you met via my previous blog post… As a result, my confidence has grown, and I feel more at ease.

However. Confidence is one thing.

It helped me to a very enjoyable evening on Friday night, and to ‘get to know’ someone I’ve admired from afar for some time. But liking someone, for real, is a whole different kettle of fish.

The Confused Chicken (her alias, not mine) is great. But she is also only recently single and, until now, straight. As a result of these things, or maybe just because of the former, our ‘date’ tonight turned out to be something of a non-date.

What have I learned? To (try!) to keep your expectations in check.

To like someone you have to be vulnerable. And vulnerability makes you easy to hurt.

So, I’m hurting. A little. Let’s hope it doesn’t last too long.

The Rock Chick

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