#WednesdayDatingClub Tale

As the Wednesday Dating Club phenomenon grows, more and more readers have been contacting me with their dating tales.  Whether you simply want to check in over Twitter @30Dates, drop me a private mail, or write a full date write-up – get involved – singles the world over are getting out and about on a Wednesday night!  You don’t have to go it alone!

This week one of Southern Belle’s friends joins the club.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

He looked good on paper and texts…

A few months ago Belle and I found ourselves single and enjoying the Houston nightlife.

She is my wing-girl, always up for a good drink and a good meal.  We easily found people to talk to in bars and generally enjoyed our girl’s nights out. After her breakup and her decision to write for the 30 Dates Blog, I offered my solidarity in her dating endeavor.  We agreed to both go on one date a week.  Similar to #WednesdayDatingClub, but not necessarily on Wednesdays. Both Belle and I have hectic schedules, and so we agreed that if we could force ourselves to date at least once a week, then it was a step in the right direction.

Like Southern Belle, I’ve never really dated consistently.  Usually I’d jump into the dating pool, have one boring, awkward date and lose my muster.  Or I fall into a romantic situation with someone I’m already friends with.

Not this time.

In our agreement we held each other accountable and after 12 dates in 11 weeks I think I might even give Miss29 a run for her dating prowess. 😉

Thus I found myself going on two dates last week.  Wednesday night was a new guy and Friday was a second date with a fellow Crossfitter I hit it off with on a date the week before.  I strategically planned the new guy – let’s call him The Brewer – an avid beer brewer – to see if there was a connection before I went on the second date with The Crossfitter.

The Brewer and I hit it off over text.  We shared a lot of similar interests, and talked about fitness, cooking, authors, plays, music, and literature.

I’m an English teacher so any man who is good with words and loves to read – yes please, I’ll take two!

I was also comforted by his steady job, and the fact he was five years my senior.  My rule is to date older… a rule I’ve been breaking more and more recently… What are you doing to me Texas Cowboys?!

I was eager to meet up, but he was sick, delaying our date a few days.

We finally agreed on a Wednesday evening. He picked a bar I was eager to try and he worked around my hectic schedule – all bonus points.  Leading up to the date, I was actually a bit excited, which is never the case for me.

Usually I have to work myself up – because in all honesty dating can feel like work.  Not with the Brewer, our conversations were easy, and his pictures presented him as fun, energetic guy with a lot of personality.  Sold!

The date…

I arrived after him, and the first thing I took in: he was my height, maybe an inch taller.  Damn pictures are deceiving.  I moved past it.  We started chatting, ordered some drinks and I asked him an innocuous question…

Those were some of the last words I spoke the entire date.  I kid you not, this man talked about himself for the next two hours.

I had a date with a resume.

A good-looking, all knowing, name-dropping, self-aggrandizing CV.

Date Fail.

At one point he was kind enough to ask me about teaching, I swallowed my annoyance and began telling him a funny story, only to be interrupted two minutes in for him to tell me about his favorite teacher.  It took him ten minutes to finish his story and in the ensuing silence he responded with “Oh but please continue.” Ha! I had no idea where I left off; I was too busy counting sheep (really tequila bottles) as he waxed nostalgia about his world-renowned professor.

After 2 hours, one margarita for me, four beers for him, I used my “get out of date” excuse by waving off a yawn and mentioning my 4:45am wake-up.

Men, this is code for I’m not interested.

I promise you if I’m into you I’ll stay out past 12 let alone 9:30, even on a work night.

He walked me to my car, quick hug, and I literally let out a sigh when I turned on the engine.  I’ve had my fair share of dates, but I was completely crestfallen that a date with someone I felt had such chemistry could fall so short.

This date was miserable, and my prior excitement made it all that much more disappointing.

A friend told me he was probably nervous and trying to impress me.  But my gut tells me that’s not true, and I can’t coach myself into a second date.  No need…I haven’t heard from him since.

I guess shared hobbies and wit don’t outweigh simple chemistry.

Back to the dating board…and date #2 with the 25 year old crossfitter.






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  1. Nice article!

    I just wanted to say yt’s good to see more and more women getting in crossfit. I’ve found it to be a really fun hobby and a good way to stay in shape.

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