INTERNET – A Tinderella Story – Eye of the Tiger

I have a confession to make – I’ve been back on Tinder this evening!  Though its’s all in the name of the blog.  Promise! 😉  This was a post I first began ‘researching’ around Christmas time, inspired by Epiphany’s comment about Tinder being full of photos of men stroking heavily sedated tigers!

The comment had made me giggle, because until I downloaded Tinder, I’d never seen so many photos of tigers.  I like to think I’m well-travelled, but evidently not … I am yet to stroke a heavily sedated tiger … or even see one on my travels!  But don’t worry, if you’re yet to enjoy the magic of Tinder, and all the tigers the app has to offer, here are a choice selection …

(And a rather amusing conversation I ended up having with The Enigma as a result!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx










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