A Round-Up of Body Confidence Week

Just in case you missed any of #BodyConfidenceWeek on the 30 Dates Blog, here’s a neat round-up of all the different posts from last week –


Face Value – by Miss Twenty-Nine


Body Confidence – by Miss Twenty-Nine

Desperately Seeking Perfection – by The Mermaid

Wearing My Body Like a Badge of Honour – by Yummy Mummy

A History of My Body – by Southern Belle

#bodyconfidence – by The Flash

What I See When I Look in The Mirror – by The Flash

Immune to The Vanity Virus – by Mister Mischief

Response to Immune to The Vanity Virus – by The Flash

The Alexander Technique – by Rock Chick

From the Mouths of Babes – by Rebound Gal


Blurred Lines – by The Student

An Ode to My Brain & My Heart – by Tabula Rasa

Measuring Up Against the Other Singletons – by Fader


Camping It Down – by Northstar


Losing The Soul of A Photo – by The Flash

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